Friday, December 23, 2011

Plagues And Disease Have No Boundaries.

A looters group photograph.

You expect corruption to be rife in the town halls of our blighted and miserable cities. But this black death of morality is sadly, like all diseases, not confined to those bastions of greed, nepotism and patronage. Even in the sleepy town of Leominster and the rest of  Herefordshire, with its wide pastures and green fields, rolling countryside and idyllic settings, we see the looting and corruption so beloved of our political classes.

Maybe this plague on a poor, sparsely populated and trusting environment was introduced by an urban, smug and superior class of animal, eptitomised by North Herefordshire MP, Bill Wiggin and wholly embraced by its dubious "nasty party" Conservative Association.

Let's look briefly at the stomach churning goings on - all a matter of public record.

The Conservatives took control of Herefordshire County Council back in 2007. They shared a coalition with Independent Councillors in the four years prior to that. Councillor Roger Phillips was the council leader for eight years. After 2007 he shared that leadership with his Deputy, Mrs June French, a retired council officer  from  London.

Notwithstanding generous allowances for those heady posts, such largesse for their "public service" obviously was not enough. As with council officials and their elected thieves and looters all over the land, it was decided the battering ram to break down the doors of morality and decency would be in the form of "limited companies" created by the council. Their friends, developers and a whole host of nefarious contacts, not least chief executives, were seduced by the lure of secretive jobs and placements, well hidden from the decent but gullible victims of their cash cows.

I give you just two examples. A veritable tip of the iceberg our weak local and national press fail to determine or are part of. Hereford Futures Limited, members include Mr Roger Phillips. A little more spadework might determine his remuneration and status. An enterprise formed from his time as Leader of The Council. A major remit of this "limited to pals and moneybags" Company is a massive building development in the heart of Hereford City. Since this post was first considered Mr Charles Ingleby and Councillor Roger Phillips have both terminated their directorships! However the new Council leader and Chief Executive remain directors. What, I wonder are their remunerations? Bull earns a massive six figure salary and significant pension entitlements. Jarvis will be on very large incomes from his councillor expenses, committee and leadership emoluments.

On the board are city speculator friends, property developers and those blessed with secretive powers and influence. I'm sure deep in the bowels of this "mint" root will be some startling names.

Then let's look at Phillip's former Deputy Leader, Mrs June French. Her altruistic yearnings were thrown hastily away in May, 2011 as she quietly stepped down after many years in Herefordshire Council. One of her last portfolio enterprises was the creation of yet another "limited" Company. Limited to friends and cohorts, of course. Though taking on board the newly stood down Deputy leader, in accordance with "the rules" this expensive advert had to be taken out! Jobs for the boys and girls.

Another dubious character in this pantomime of corruption is Annie Caulder. Note this,

 "Senior stakeholders have been involved throughout and subject to final approval from JMT, HHT management team, Cabinet, PCT and Trust Boards in September, a procurement exercise for one or more strategic partners can commence. We estimate that at best we will have implemented the new arrangements by Spring 2010 and at the latest by Summer 2010. To make the change and do it within these aggressive time scales we will 
need to rapidly build a transition team that includes; commercial, programme management, human 
resources and change management skills. We intend to appoint a commercial manager and shared services director as early as possible."

That is taken from this document. One wholly written by Ms Caulder. An exercise overseen by the "Cabinet", of which Ms June French was Deputy Leader member.

Search deeper and you see Bull, the Chief Executive and his friends on several private company boards. Now even on a Council's Chief Executive  salary of £226,700, you can bet payments are made for these positions elsewhere. Quite disgustingly dreadful greed.
Then we hear of  this. No qualms whatsoever of stating the architect of this Company as a councillor is now its chairman! Furthermore the priapic Bull is also on board! 

This location gives a splendid flavour of that rather nasty taste. Undoubtedly tip of an iceberg.  Just to add further to the symptoms of this plague, the author of the link was hounded from his home and forced into "purdah" because he dared to challenge these looters. Censure documents were forged by town councillors against his efforts to quell this outbreak of black corruption.

Particularly their probable Brigand in Chief, Wiggin. More public outcry, well whimpering, is here: read and weep. As a sidebar, Brigadier Peter Jones, forger in chief of Leominster, County Councillor and another "grab what you can" and run away from any spotlight, looter, was also found to be receiving many thousands of pounds in expenses for his "volunteer" work! His sign off on those payments, a council employee, resigned smartly to protect his pension, when challenged.A further issue and scary scenario is highlighted here.

So there you have it. If Herefordshire is this mired in such raping of the public purse, how many billions are we seeing looted nationwide? I would suggest, collectively, enough to considerably reduce our £150 billion deficit, such is the scale of this accepted criminality and fraudulent gang of "robber barons".

Herefordshire people are poor by national standards. They are vulnerable to these blow ins with their endemic, urban trained corrupt practices. People probably deluded enough to feel superior in their expertise. I suppose they are when it comes to multi-million pound rip offs of this weak and poor County. Sadly it just mirrors British bureaucracy from top to bottom. I just pray they have difficulty sleeping and hiding their tax liabilities.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Very Simple Guide To The European Union.

It Was Stupid In The First Place.

Now, after billions of articles, opinions and wasted wealth, It's 

As Fucked As It Ever Was!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Salvage is worth the price.

Whatever The Salvage.

Even as a group they are behaving differently!

"To operate successfully, the ERM requires broadly convergent inflation rates in participating countries.5 However, different productivity growth rates and convergent inflation rates 'would almost inevitably imply an unequal rate of growth in real incomes' reinforcing pressure on 'employment in the country with a slower real growth rate than in the faster-growing partner.... Thus, ERM membership would involve long-term adjustment costs which might not be politically tolerable, even if such costs could be legitimated by the language of so-called global economic commitments." 

Read this, from which the quote is taken, substitute the euro for ERM and then see how history has taught the idiots but nothing. The constant scaremongering surrounding a collapse of the eurozone single currency is a nonsense. Europe engaged in over five years of mutual destruction on an epic scale. Today's generations have little idea of that horror.

So when contemplating the fear perpetuated by the rubbish which passes for politicians today remember, their only agenda is for themselves and their perceived power and superiority. Sure the collapse of the EU would be bad for them. They could even end up in prison. For the rest of us it's pretty shitty anyway. Little hope for a better future, sod all sense of security and societies throughout Europe beggared by those claiming to know better. Trust me, the sooner this whole shameful project is ditched the better for all of us.

As for those morons who got us here and their corporate and banking pals, all in cahoots with gangsters, piano wire is too good for them!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The folly of the exploiters

A greater German than any living today, Immanuel Kant, posed a simple question in 1781 in his famous Critique of Pure Reason: What can I know? For those of us for whom media studies means studying the media rather than two hungover lectures a week and the occasional special-needs circus of a student demo, it's a good question. But for us, the question reduces to; What will the media let us know?
We now know that the European project was a grand folly, that the Greeks lied about their bona fides in order to ride the gravy train of the euro, that you cannot transmute the base metal of fiscal union into the glittering gold of political union and, oh yes, that the MSM was either clueless about all of this or willingly connived in covering up this Emperor-sized Ponzi scheme.
We also know that anything even vaguely resembling democracy - demos; the people, kratos; power - is viewed by the EU elites as though it were a soiled nappy. The last Greek to tentatively suggest a referendum over EU policy was back tending his olive grove before he could say autos ho Sokrates.
But more than anything we know that our political leaders have a quasi-autistic belief in their own unassailable correctness. The various, increasingly shrill, pronouncements on the inherent rightness and indubitable fortitude of the European project remind me powerfully of the opening to The Qu'ran:

"This book is not to be doubted."

How much more, and for how much longer, will ordinary people be led into socio-economic chaos because of the delusional belief systems of a self-appointed [don't make me laugh by mentioning their respective elections] cabal of Enlightenment deniers?
Almost exactly a century after Kant's masterpiece, in 1880, another great German, Nietzsche, had the following to say in his little-known essay The Wanderer and his Shadow:

"The exploitation of the worker was, it has now been realised, a piece of stupidity, an exhausting of the soil at the expense of the future, an imperilling of society. Now we have already almost a state of war; and the cost of keeping the peace, of concluding treaties and acquiring trust, will henceforth in any event be very great, because the folly of the exploiters was very great and of long duration." [Section 268]

Monday, November 21, 2011

World Leaders' Guide To Debt.

More Debt.

Headlines  offer us this gem, “Markets worldwide have tumbled on fears over global debt  “ and the answer is, “Meanwhile there were reports the European Commission will discuss so-called eurobonds, in which the eurozone issues debt for all its members.”

I am astounded that these idiots can't understand that if you are bowed down and cowed with debt, you have to stop trying to borrow and gamble your way out. These worthless "bonds" are not promises to pay the bearer anymore because it begs the question, "With what".  The answer is future growth earnt by future earnings and production. At least that used to be the plan.

What is not considered is that this plan is no longer valid. Bonds due for maturity now, used in the past to fund vote winning bubbles and booms, are in danger of default today. As Bonkers Midget Byrne said "there's no money left". The cost of building this bankrupt EU is a major factor as to where all the money has gone.

Not only on buildings, bureaucracy and bungs but into a vast web of corruption that is still not fully understood. So what's to happen? My view and one shared by many,  one example here but there are many more, is that it is already in it's death throes.

One thing is for certain, all this debt will cause pain and suffering. Just as post military conflict does. We can but hope that the rich and mighty who have profited so far are forced to suffer with the rest of us. I'm no socialist or communist leftie pillock but surely any sensible brain can figure out that the obscenity of colossal individual fortunes is not enhanced by the starvation and deprivation of millions and millions of human beings. Let's face it, politically motivated, corporate greed has got us to this point. Unless the architects are punished alongside the builders flattened under the rubble of this collapse, there is little hope of a new direction and single storey buildings.

I close with this thought. Globalisation was created to spawn the "Too big to fail" meme. Guess what? It isn't, any more that than the EU. A grand plan, about to show us all that its poor philosophy and its inherent weakness, is run and was created by, small minds. Some things are simply too big. Debt is one of them!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I’ve written about this before. (And no, it’s not a sex tale).
It’s about extracting natural gas from deep shale rock formations. Last Sunday there was a long article in the Daily Mail’s colour supplement.
From the article:
Here are two visions of the future.
The first one lies at the end of a muddy track in the village of Banks, a 20-minute drive from Preston, Lancashire. It consists of a derrick about 60ft high, a few temporary buildings, a generator and some specialist machinery in a fenced square compound.
Powering the derrick and the drill at its centre is an eerily quiet electric motor. Today, on the first Friday of October, the bit it turns at the end of the drill pipe lies about a mile beneath our feet, boring steadily downwards at a rate of up to 500ft a day, depending on the hardness of the strata. It’s heading for a thick deposit of carboniferous shale, a rock made from the compressed mud which lay on a prehistoric seabed more than 300 million years ago, its upper edge some 7,500ft below the dark green fields of ripening cauliflower that surround the compound.
Locked within the fissures inside that rock is an immense quantity of natural gas – virtually pure, unadulterated methane, of a quality so high it could be pumped direct to domestic and industrial users, and to electricity generating stations……………………….
The second vision is taking shape at the end of the Thames Estuary, where the foundations are being laid for the 217 turbines of the London Array, the world’s biggest offshore wind farm.
Covering 90 square miles, this too will have the capacity to generate 1GW (one billion watts). The turbines’ construction has been priced at £2 billion, four times as much as the Kentish gas plant, although this does not include the cost – perhaps a further £500 million – of connecting them to the National Grid, via 300 miles of undersea high-voltage cables.
Without the labyrinthine system of ‘green’ taxes and Government subsidies known as the Renewables Obligation, which is already adding an estimated £100 to the cost of every British household’s electricity bill, and an average 20 per cent to the charges paid by businesses, the wind farm could never be built, because it would be hopelessly uneconomic…………….
Which one do you think makes sense?
How it’s done animation Click on the Link  to see the active Animation
And the scenario in the sidebar

 If only

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Following on.

Mark's excellent piece on Saturday has prompted me to pick up on his theme of the declining Chatterati, (a word coined by Oldrightie) and the rise of more eclectic bloggers. The clip shows such a significant parallel to today but with the added impetus of today's communication capabilities even John Lennon would have embraced to powerful effect .As it was his music did the work now available, for now at least, to all of us.

Now I shall revert to my passionate feelings about The European Union. Here we have a mighty, shadowy and unwholesome construct dominating all our lives. That includes the whole planet, gambling with a collapsed monetary system and banking collapse heavily brought about by the EU construct.

This failed edifice to hubris and rank stupidity, never properly thought through and designed to garner all that is flawed about human nature and ignore all that is good, has reached it's inevitable finale. In great measure it's billions of euros propaganda machine and cosy media control has not succeeded in its Orwellian belief because of the Internet and blogging.

A perfect example is the paltry few hours the great salvation of last week's debt parcel passing concept lasted. Within less than one working day the parcel was placed firmly on an empty chair in Beijing. Its sister smaller but lethal packet was dropped by the Greeks and a referendum announced likely to be the EU's camel straw.

Now in Lennon's time all this frantic musical chairs would have been presented with a massive dose of media led spin and hype. The reality of the desperate scenario hidden from most of us. Only the steady decline in our life styles would have eventually been noticed but the causes less well observed.

The selfish greed of Corporate earth, the smugness of luxurious banker life styles, aped by politicians, would all have ducked under the radar. The "occupy" protests, love them or hate them, are children of the communication revolution. Just as the Arab spring, Greek economic torture, Libyan and Syrian despot cradles of vicious killing and evil, would all have been less than obvious without blogging. Where occasionally highlighted they would have been grease stained within hours or swapped for reality TV.

The suggested growing future where you either follow blogging or join in to make a difference is one that appeals to many. It is becoming a medium for "left" and "right" to discover jointly held morals and bring together the best of every philosophy and creed. Not a good recipe for those who would govern, is it. Their mantra is divide and conquer. One step forward as one ideology takes power, quickly followed by several steps backwards when usurped by their pals purporting to be of a different hue, yet much the same in their passion for power at any price.

As The EU wobbles and shakes, soon to tumble like the Twin Towers, we can be grateful that the aftermath will likely be an emerging world of greater hope and fairness. We can but try. We, so far, still have the tools. The pen may yet prove mightier than the sword. Or the keyboard more powerful than nuclear bombs!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Politically correct games: Even a draw sees both sides lose

The blogosphere is the tiniest of rebellions. My favourite blog title - and a daily mine of erudite nuggets - is Samizdata. Samizdat was the Russian word for the practice among Soviet citizens of distributing, passing on and exchanging illicit, anti-governmental literature. A man who would know about the value of illicit, dissident writing was Vladimir Bukovsky, and he defined Samizdat as follows:

"I myself create it,
edit it,
censor it,
publish it,
distribute it, and ...
get imprisoned for it."

With regards to the last line in the context of the blogosphere, not yet. But this is not the Soviet Bloc of the 1960s and 1970s. Not yet. Except, perhaps, in an increasingly pronounced difference between two tribes of, in informational terms, hunter-gatherers. The disapora is summed up by Richard North:

"Political society is splitting two ways – those who read the blogs, and the little lambs who suck the pap."

EU Referendum's sketch for an epitaph sums up something known for years by those who only read the MSM for fun. But why is it that the bloggers have consistently trumped the MSM when it comes to accurate and predictive commentary, particularly over the Eurozone? How has Samizdat been proven, again and again, to be right where the Fourth Estate has been consistently behind the curve?
On a related subject, although Douglas Carswell may not find himself hanging in poster form on the walls of EU Referendum's war cabinet room, he thickens the plot:

"The internet has started to democratise comment and opinion. Thanks to blogs like ConservativeHome, Guido Fawkes, Left Foot Forward and Coffee House, the old aristocracy of opinion formers is being displaced. Bloggers - who have to be re-elected by thousands of mouse clicks every day [my italics] - tend to be accountable for their analysis in the way that many columnists writing for a newspapers, or TV pundits, often never seem to be.

For accurate political analysis, go online."

The internet has much in common with President Barack Obama in that politicians who once used to queue up to sing its praises and bask in its glow are keeping rather quiet now that reality has done its usual audit. With Obama, now the fairy dust has all but been shaken off his wings, the political class see no furtherance of their careers in jostling for photo-op proximity. With the internet, politicians of every stripe are doubtless horrified by the democratising effect of, in particular, weblogging. You can tell, because politicians never, ever mention blogging. Unless, of course, they have their own blog. How I miss racing across the lawn of the internet years ago to visit The Rt Hon David Miliband at his faux-personable, bland, widely-travelled blog. Mr Miliband - or his BlogBot - was a little off-putting in his insistence on referring to 'doing a blog' when he meant writing a post, and it all seemed worryingly fecal. But he won me back by answering every single facetious question I ever asked in the comments section, with one exception. I asked whether, in the case of a repatriated British inmate of Guantanamo Bay committing a fatal terrorist attack in Britain, the families of any victims would be able to sue the British government. Answer came there none... But politicians keep very anodyne blogs nowadays. The king is elsewhere; we must turn to the court.
The political temperature concerning the blogosphere can be taken by examining the handmaidens to the political classes, the journalists, Peter Oborne's courtiers.
While blogging seems acceptable to the political right of the media - such as it is - the left-inclining arm of the press immediately took the weapons from the wall. Here, from 2008, Madeleine Bunting voices her fears of a voice for the journalistically untutored:

"Aggression, abuse and contempt are now the normal currency of debate among strangers on blogs. Last week two prominent columnists, David Aaronovitch and Linda Grant, added their bewilderment to the growing chorus of those arguing that public debate on the internet is being strangled at birth by the quantity of personal abuse and bullying."

As was, I believe, pointed out at the time, Ms Bunting was confusing blogging with comments left on blogs. But she was not a lone operative in the blogger witch-trials [in which Guido Fawkes, appropriately enough, featured prominently].
Inevitably, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - a sort of MSM bargain-basement Ghandi - shrieks out her opinions here and, in the wake of the media outrage over phone hacking, those opinions may require re-reading:

"Newspaper telephone hackers are big babies when compared to those who practice the dark arts in the blogosphere."

It should be stated that she wrote this in September 2010, long before the News of the World scandal, but it exemplifies a comfortable, familiar lack of ability in Brown when it comes to feeling the collar of the zeitgeist.
Jackie Ashley, another of the left's attack harpies, finds the blogosphere a family with the wrong members in control:

"Again, I am speaking impressionistically, not scientifically: but has not the rise of the internet coincided with a rise of the men’s magazine culture? Blogworld is the future, and it will not be resisted; but at this stage in its development, it seems dominated by rightwing [sic] male individualists and libertarians."

Batting for the chaps, Jackie's wayward spouse Andrew Marr also got very cross indeed about those impertinent bloggers and their unkempt, rustic ways. 'Superinjunction' Marr informs a grateful readership that:

"A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother's basements and ranting. They are very angry people... OK – the country is full of very angry people. Many of us are angry people at times. Some of us are angry and drunk."

A word of warning concerning Marr's comments on the physiognomy of bloggers. I have linked to the piece, but it is accompanied by a picture of Marr's milk-curdling, clock-stopping, mirror-imperilling face.
No critique from the left would be complete without the Maharani of Islington, Polly Toynbee. Here, from 2008, the redoubtable Dizzy reminds Toynbee that opinionated political writing is not always done in exchange for an unrealistic paycheck:

"Have just been watching Sky News, and, besides them showing a screenshot of this blog which was taken just at the moment when the top post had a typo in the title (typical of me really), Polly Toynbee has just been saying that the Tory blogs are all funded by the Tories and awash with money.

Polly, I'm not paid to do this. I'm paid to work elsewhere (not in politics) and this blog gets done in between that. No one is funding me, I'm skint. I have an overdraft, a huge credit card bill, and am facing possible negative equity very shortly as the house prices collapse."

It's an engrossing debate for those of us engrossed by politics which is not spoon-fed but actively obtained from a variety of sources. Those whose intellectual willingness allows them to pluck memes like fruit from different orchards are now forming a distinct sub-blogosphere. Whether you are left or right will soon be about as relevant as whether you are a Platonist or an Aristotelean. The battle is now between the political/media class and the rest of us, the excluded, los desaparecidos. Bloggers of all political stripes should forget sniping at one another and their best minds should train their sights elsewhere.
I'll leave the last word to Juan Williams. Juan was a journalist fired by NPR for failing to adhere to politically correct orthodoxies [the same thing is happening in Germany, incidentally. Hat tip to Gates of Vienna] and has an excellent, must-read piece on the tyranny of false political sectarianism. A sample:

"The biggest lesson for me has come from the endless stream of Americans, Democrats and Republicans, who tell me they can’t believe the constant pressure in politics these days to keep quiet, shut up and bite their tongue for fear of being called a bigot, a crazy right-winger or a socialist lefty... Americans across all political, social and racial lines tell me they resent this political straitjacket. They know that if they speak their mind, admit their fears, hopes, feelings, they risk being told they are not a good Republican or not a good Democrat. They fear being told they are not a good Christian for their views on abortion; not a good Jew for their views on Israel; not a good black man if they question President Obama; not a good Muslim if they condemn Islamic terrorism without any qualification. At every turn, people fear being told they are lacking in principle for simply avoiding political boxes and opening themselves to listen to the other side of an issue and engage in honest debate."

Whatever the independent political blogosphere is, it must not be politically conformist. Left and right has become us and them. Williams gives his reasons for being fired. He is responding to a question from a fellow journalist as to whether the latter was right to have been outspoken concerning 9/11. Williams replied:

"I told him I was not going to play politically correct games."

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chinese Lessons, Anyone?

The Economic Wars Continue.

The concept of a New World Order is spoken of regularly throughout the internet. The European Federal Statehood project, regardless of any other considerations, is definitely a construct designed to further political and corporate dominance over peoples.

However the movers and shakers have and still do underestimate the manner of human existence and nature. Just as they considered they were bringing Gaddafi into the fold his people decided otherwise. Hence the smartly executed U turn by the newly formed military EU forces carved out of the NATO rump. 

A further matter not anticipated by the NWO establishment has been the rise of China as a super power. One not only with colossal military might but an even more influential strength, cash! The courting of the USSR thieves fleeing that collapse of a political union (enslavement) was easy. The cold war had gained significant capability to attract the billions of dollars filched by that shady political elite. So garnering that immense wealth for the benefit of "the cause" was not difficult. Indeed planned for.

All of these years unfolding, with a significant push towards a single world governing elite, was still rushed and done in haste in recent years. Patience was wearing thin and The EU construct was painfully slow. Hence the euro introduction designed to expedite the single state ambition. Sadly, with all the political jockeying and absorption of the capitalist corporate global reach, into one pea soup of dogma, has meant that China has been given a free and easy ride to their current might.

Now, this very day, we see an EU begging trip to Beijing. How humiliating to be told this, " The chief of the European Union bailout fund is holding talks with Chinese officials on China’s possible involvement in saving the euro. Klaus Regling also hinted that his fund could become part of a joint vehicle with the IMF. ", taken from this article.  The Chinese will demand a "lay off" the human rights mantra" in return, though

Note the bold print. A neat trick to drag a global fund into the EU remit. A fund once meant to further developing countries in most need but long since "taken over" by the Bilderberger interests.

So we see immediately that our concerns for the welfare of our species is now a ready currency for the political architects of a future too horrific to contemplate. How ironic we have come to this, after a World War fought to protect our freedoms and humanity. In our modern world the ends really do justify the means. That despite the abject failure of this greed for power, beloved of the few, enjoyed by the few but hell on earth for the many!

Nevertheless, we have seen an Arab Spring. Imagine what a Chinese Summer might produce!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unoccupied Territory: The rage of Caliban

In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, the unnamed island which hosts the dramatic action is ruled over by Prospero, a benign despot modeled on those Renaissance thinkers who were part magician, part philosopher and part alchemist. Prospero’s two servants are very different creatures. Ariel is angelic, a pure and marvelous spirit devoted to Prospero. Caliban, by contrast, is an ignorant, lumbering brute who resents the debt he owes to Prospero, who released him from a tree in which he had been imprisoned by his previous mistress, the witch Sycorax. Caliban flies into a rage when he sees his misshapen reflection in a mirror. Ariel and Caliban, for those interested in symbolism and allegory, can easily be made to fit the pattern of man’s dualistic nature. It would have been a tradition familiar to the Bard, although we no longer have access to it.
Despite – or perhaps owing to – the sickening amount of money lavished on this country’s dysfunctional education ‘system’, few children will ever again grow up to draw lessons from Shakespeare, or even bother to read him. We live in a country where a man called Jeremy Clarkson features on advertisements declaring that he would rather stick needles in his eyes than read Shakespeare. Thus, a man whose fame comes from genuflecting in front of motor cars steals a line from a Jack Nicholson film to tell us to turn our backs on our greatest author. Happy days. But I digress. Regarding our current spate of anti-bank demonstrations, I can’t help but see Caliban’s offspring camped out by St Paul’s Cathedral.
The expanding American Occupy movement is already showing its hidden colours. Demonstrators defecate on police cars, spit at marines and coast guards, and unfurl banners reading Solidarity with Palestine. Our homegrown UK version is, for now, more benign, a small oasis of genuine puzzlement peopled by small-time bedlamites with time on their hands and nothing more useful to do. But to pay attention to these string-pull dollies is instructive.
Listening to the inchoate, free-associative nonsense coming from those interviewed during the Occupy the Stock Exchange jamboree, I detect self-loathing and impotent rage, as the raggle-taggle band of British metropolitan indignados struggle to come to terms with their failure to grasp their own complicity in what has happened to the British economy. Thus, as yesterday’s London Evening Standard pointed out, they do not see the inherent contradictions in tweeting their quarter-baked economic pronouncements on machines made by the very corporations they want so much to despise, or wearing masks from the film V for Vendetta, made by one of America’s top 100 companies. The expensive training shoes so many of them will be wearing are the signs of their membership of the financial freemasonry they think they hate.
The problem with raging against the banks and corporations is that they paid your train fare to the demonstration. Attacking bankers – and that may become as literal as it is now metaphorical – makes as much sense as angrily shaking the fence of a vineyard, furious with the vigneron for getting drunk. The banks are no more to blame for the crisis in the money system than the enterprising eastern European arriviste can be blamed for unregulated immigration. Mankind is damned to grasp what it thinks will lead to self-betterment if is placed within easy reach. This is the psychology of looter and banker alike.
But when you behold a political class who have taken it on themselves to regulate, organise and micro-manage every aspect of the lives of those people it is supposed simply to serve, and yet failed to regulate the one small section of the population who can really burn down the house, and you go on to fail to make that class the target of your ire, you are only showing your brute ignorance. You are Caliban before the mirror.
Apparently, the most coherent and best-received speech given at yesterday’s idiot’s agora was that of an accountant, himself sick of the escalating spiral of greed he saw among the new elites. The average CEO’s salary in 1970, he informed a puzzled carnival, was thirty times the national average. That figure is now 400. A shocking figure, but not the result of any mythical free market. Instead, the game was rigged from the start by the banker’s friend, the political gauleiter. This fiscal mine collapse was orchestrated in club and on golf course, in villa, private jet and corporate hospitality box. Orwell’s dictum that England is a family with the wrong members in control should be tattooed on the arm of every incoming Right Honourable Member as they enter the House of Commons.
The machineries of economic collapse are now well and truly reaching a higher gear. Memo to future generations; live within your means and leave the printing presses for the writers. Personally, it’s my belief that mankind, in terms of its social evolution, is barely ready for the baby bouncer, and I think this obsession with shiny things will pass, as will the addiction to the nipple of the state. But a severe illness will get worse before it gets better. I’ll let Caliban have the last word;

We shall lose our time,
And all be turned to barnacles, or to apes,
With foreheads villainous low.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Europe after the rain

Now that the grand European folly is cracking along its fault lines, what will the post-European world look like? The post-American meme – possibly partly due to Mark Steyn’s latest offering [which I’ve yet to read] – is beginning to seep into mainstream consciousness, but post-Europeanism is far harder to predict. The history of the European project will read a little like a marine engineer’s report on the seaworthiness of the Titanic. Meanwhile, the world economy broods in the corner like a dyspeptic bouncer.
If the American economy does pull up lame – and Heffer in Saturday's Mail provides sobering analysis - and the USA becomes more insular and less concerned with policing the world [a demonstrably thankless task], and if Europe reverts to the differential gearing of continental nation states, there will be a void, a job vacancy. Wanted: Superpower. Immediate start. As The Stranglers once sang; Who wants the world?
The love affair between the British liberal left and the European project has always been reducible to the former’s ill-disguised hatred of America. This is partly because America is seen as Israel’s sponsor – and the British left are rabidly anti-Semitic, although they disguise this beneath a masquerade mask of anti-Zionism – and partly because America has shown that multi-ethnicity works without the attendant nonsense of multiculturalism.
Personally, I have never had a problem with conspiracy theory number 47b, the one where the Jews run the world in secret via the banks. Capitalism has pulled more people out of poverty than any other –ism [Marxism, anyone? Thought not], and if Jews have the controls, then as far as I’m concerned the bagels are on the house. To me, it’s instructive that when the Mafia wanted a banker, they didn’t promote an Italian but chose a Jew, Meyer Lansky. But the current crisis is not capitalism’s hubris, but the end result of unregulated greed.
As for ethnic mix – the bane of far-right knuckle-scrapers across Europe – it’s a demonstrably good thing. I was told by a psychology student who is now reading a PhD in behavioural genetics at the University of Colorado that the country with the purest racial heritage – and thus prime DNA for study – is Iceland. The first country to default, you will recall [although I believe the patient took its medicine and is recovering]. The noted eugenicist Adolf Hitler believed that a racially pure Germany would conquer the world. That’s all very well if you want a race of humourless, six-foot-seven, blonde bureaucrats, but America won that particular game with an ethnic melting pot that would have appalled the squinting, pinch-faced Austrian maniac. Also, anyone who harbours a belief that inbreeding Germans would provide world leadership should read the extraordinary story of Nietzsche’s sister, Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, and her Jew-hating husband.
So, no Europe and no America; Welcome to the new world disorder. The yawn-inducing leftist mantra that India and China are poised to provide the victorious historians of the future is beginning to look like a tale told by an idiot. While I would be amused to see the left’s reaction to Chinese hegemony – it is your human right to be run over by a tank – China looks increasingly like an infrastructural Ponzi scheme, while India’s economic prowess seems to revolve around its undoubted position as the world’s biggest call centre.
The appropriate word is appropriately German; Schadenfreude. The arrogance of the European gauleiters and their train-carrying MSM courtiers has been breathtaking. I think my favourite example of sheer brass neck was the attempt to make criticism of the EU tantamount to blasphemy. Where does one begin with this kind of designer totalitarianism?
The EU has not had its accounts signed off for 16 years. What company would survive this cankerous fiscal mismanagement? The EU and its proponents have attempted to graft political union onto a currency whose most attractive feature is the prettiness of its banknotes. Countries are required to keep voting in referenda until they come up with the correct, affirmative answer. Has there ever been such an anti-democratic exercise?
Possibly the most disturbing element of this whole Franco-German farce is the collusion of the media, particularly our own version of Pravda, the BBC. The provisional wing of the EU, the European media have never flagged in their sponsorship of this grande guignol stupidity. Only independent bloggers – unpaid and derecognised by the MSM – have spoken out against Europe. Richard North and Christopher Booker were telling the world in 2003 that Europe would end as a busted flush. No one in the MSM listened. If these gentlemen have any horse racing tips, I’m listening.
Memo to Barroso, Sarkozy, Merkel and all the other Euro fanatics. The people of Europe – the real people, not your vain and self-regarding set – neither want nor need your mildly fascist gentleman’s club. Leave us alone. We can trade with one another, visit and enjoy one another’s countries and traditions, exist as countries with our own sovereign right to exist, and probably produce accounts which would not interest the police.
I’m no little Englander. I’ve always sought to avoid those saloon-bar bores who twine on about their own country in much the same way as I’d eschew the company of those parents who speak with love in their eyes of their brattish, snivelling, witless children. Obsessive nationalists belong on the intellectual terraces. But better a modest northern trading nation – if we still have the ability to trade – then a building block in a grey European council estate. It’s always been axiomatic to me that the whole point of corrosive EU laws has been to hobble Britain to the point that we have to beg for permission to join the European folly.
The game has changed. Whether you consider yourself a creature of the political left or of the right is now about as relevant as whether you consider yourself to be a Platonist or an Aristotelean. It is now ‘about’ [as the politicians love to say] the political class and their MSM catamites, and the rest of us. To paraphrase Engels, the EU, thankfully, should be placed in "the museum of antiquities, by the side of the spinning wheel and the bronze axe".

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bailouts Abound.

As The EU Follows Its Best And Most Practised Habits.

The EU bureaucrats continue their blind adherence to the picture above. Ably followed by The UK's pathetic panic merchants and their beloved printing presses. Not one Government has the nuance to realise that The EU project and The UK's passionate support of all they do, just is not working.

The breakup of this wreck and the return to competitive trade, including currencies, plus sensible interest rates, to allow banks to earn more from savers and at the same time reward those same prudent individuals, is the way forward. 

The EU is a gigantic drain on the resources of every member state, rich or poor. 100% of all its activity is replicated in every Country's ruling bodies. Unlike The EU monolith, smaller, localised regimes can act swiftly, in response to local problems. They are also more able to root out corruption where found.

This latter capability appears beyond the arrogance of Brussels. Of course, since it is an unelected regime, indeed dictatorship, it has no fear of democracy or elective consideration. This fact is very much at the heart of the debacle surrounding us. 

Even access to the sewers will only find bits of useless paper, already soiled beyond further use. The gold and precious metals were hoarded elsewhere long ago!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tories, (Buggin's) Turn.

The Political Soap Bubble Frenzy reaches Its Bursting Point.

Was it only me who noticed the almost identical image of the bastardised Union Flag in Liverpool? It inspired my use of "Buggin's" turn, as The Not The Real Tories (NTRT) conference kicks off their chattering, useless jamboree today.  

Words we won't hear will be, "Ed and me agree wholeheartedly on the complete Eurification of the UK". The fact that a soporific bunch of young and old, carefully selected, codgers will be getting themselves off that they are the present incumbents in Downing Street, will be feted as some kind of triumphalist platform for Pseudo to strut his rather limp stuff.

Choreographic input will seek to hold as much attention as Strictly Cum Dancing,  without the bodily fluid inconveniences. It will all escape any incisive attention by the blathering Chatterati. Words will be spoken, speeches made, vainly hoping to resonate with the importance of Churchill's. The economic disaster engulfing us all will be likened to the actual life and death battles fought in the past, to retain sovereignty and freedom.

All will be European Union vetted. All will be spoken in the hope the orator will be adopted as a pet Commissioner on the remaining, luxury class, lifeboats, soon to leave the site of the "unsinkable" Titanic EU iceberg collision. For sink it will. The only question is when and how bad will it be?

Those two latter questions are those this Country wish addressed, discussed or at least acknowledged. Fat chance. Full steam ahead, more icebergs to hit, more people to be drowned but don't fret. We got you into this mess in order to distract you all while we quietly equip our lifeboats. 

That the "delegates" will meekly sit, as the Nazis on the platform stage assure them they only need a shower to be set free of it all. They will be every bit as sheepish, supportive and stupid as the idiots at the LibDum fest and  Socialist pogroms, spouted by their erstwhile peers, on the rostrums of deceit.

If you can be bothered to watch do so for the reason that this theatre is reflective of your and your childrens' lives and futures. Futures measured by which political Party has the best posters, the best scams and the best camouflage for their EU masters. The faces in the auditorium will be obedient, acquiescent and glum. Weak, pathetic and puerile as the ruling elite adopt not just a poster design but a complete surrender of our history and our future. 

Frankly the blind, stupid, faithful and pathetically loyal, duped fools will not be capable of smelling the toxic gases enveloping them from behind the platform. They, we, deserve all we are getting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Never Know.

What's Really Going On.

A favourite meme when Labour left office, telling us all rather smugly "there's no money left" was where did it all go? That question must be ever more relevant as this pathetic, political wasteland that is The EU stumbles on, despite the justifiable blows raining down.

Calling England and Muffled Vociferation are but two, my own included, of hundreds of people affected dreadfully by this arrogant folly and who do realise where the money has gone. Just listen to the ever higher pitched voice of near panic from Barroso. One of the stark reminders of the awful and power hungry idiots who are behind our deep malaise. Calling England points us to this article, from The telegraph. 

The obvious and all powerful reason for the "abyss" we now stare over is the profligate Euro zone spending programmes, mostly lost to bureaucratic job creation gerrymandering,  wherebye  government none-jobs have been used by Countries in the belief competition for trade, goods, tourism and produce was no longer necessary.

It was a beloved tactic by Labour in the UK and mimicked throughout Europe, with the possible exception of Germany. Newly employed "jobs for life" workers went on a spending spree, borrowing from willing lenders against supposedly secure earnings. Behind all this the whispering conspiratorial politicians and bankers really believed they had created a virtuous circle.

How wrong could you be? In 2008 savers, nervous for their money began thinking it might be better under a blanket in their own care. Investors and institutions wanted guarantees that could not be met. At least so it seemed, only by tax payers and their discredited political friends.

So these whispering, secretive cabals turned to the even shadower corridors of organised crime. An activity desperate to launder vast sums of ill gotten gains. Then look what happened. That cash was squandered in exactly the identical manner as previously. Suddenly the Mafioso were nervous about there hordes of money now in the hands of governments and The Euro zone particularly. 

All of this politicisation and overt criminalisation of international, globalised lunacy, where all the proper tenets of competitive but fair trade were subsumed to a political desire prepared to do anything to cling to power, has brought us to a terrible impasse. Now, however the paymasters are no longer voters but  criminal gangs with possibly greater power and wealth than their political counterparts.

The permanent political class, Sarah Palin's excellent description, are now so far down the road to perdition they consider their only chance of survival is to take us all down the same path. In this they, like their criminal bosses, forget one significant fact. One unfolding in The Middle East,  that eventually the worm turns. It is a very large one and it might just be moving in The Western Bloc. We can but hope. Of course if the Mafia start their Shylock like retribution to honour debt owing,  that, too, might concentrate a few minds! 

Who would you choose to be the character in the bed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Desperate For Tax Revenue.

From Anywhere But Government Saving.

I am at a loss to understand today's pronouncements, or any day's for that matter. Today is this gem, another hidden agenda, of course. It is one of an onslaught of decree and obfuscation to hide the mathematical  constant that is Government failure over the decades following the second world war.

Remember Cameron's election prattle about how hard it would be but he had the answers? Government waste leading to punitive taxation  was the problem he pledged to turn around. Nothing about runaway inflation, increased Government debt, interest repayments and 20% VAT. All of these would not be an issue. We'd all be in it together.

Nevertheless the British Public didn't want him and his fellow, "green" in philosophy and green in experience, lot in charge. Sadly we have not only The Conservative in name, not in nature, cretins sort of in charge but a scary and pathetic LibDum partnership of all the non-talents.

School and education reform blocked, green taxation under their disgraced and mega-rich spoilt brat, Huhne soaring away to a nightmare collision with reality and exponential fuel poverty. No matter, onward and upwards for the fortunate few and screw the rest of us. Build on our farmlands to assuage the appetite of development cronies and donors. Swamp our coastal waters and dark satanic mills with useless windmills. Don't ask why windmills fell out of favour for milling, chaps, old hat all that. 

The list of debased and devalued policies is endless. Only one thing remains as an aforementioned constant. All these stupid ideas need ever more taxation. That appears not to be a problem. Except it actually is. Without production of goods and food to feed ourselves we have to compete with ever growing world populations and subsequent demand. Without our own in house capability for energy, (coal) and sustenance (farming) we will be very much at a disadvantage. 

Add to that little means to defend ourselves from predatory interests, particularly from Europe and we have a pessimistic scenario invisible to those supposed to do anything about it. One major factor in all this? Market forces have been quietly politicised and we all know what that means.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Riots in the real world

As the MSM frets and bothers in the wake of the riots, the real world outside the bubble gets on with the job of clearing up. A good friend of mine works at a 6th-form college not far from Croydon, and has some interesting observations.

Real people and their anecdotal evidence offer three advantages over journalists. They don’t have an agenda, they aren’t getting paid for their opinions, and they tend to live in the places hit worst by social unrest because they have to not, unlike many young journalists resident in Hoxton, Brick Lane and Hackney, because it’s hip. They see things happen rather than read about them on Twitter.

My friend – we’ll call him Paul – has three main observations.

Firstly, on A-level results day, the college was suddenly buzzing with student life again after the silence of the holidays [Paul works there year round]. The students had come in to get their results. More than that, though, many of them had clearly come in to show off their new acquisitions: box-fresh trainers, jewellery, designer clothing and other shiny things. Youth violence, Paul has overheard students claiming, is now increasingly about one gang trying to access the ‘horde’ of a rival gang.

Secondly, and also concerning gangs, is the revelation which disgusted me most. There are, at Paul’s estimation, 70 to 80 known gang members at the college. The teaching staff, in addition to the rest of their onerous duties, have to organise an entirely unofficial rota system to ensure that students from rival gangs don’t attend the same lessons. This wearying logistical exercise is, of course, unrecognised and unpaid.

Thirdly, Paul spoke to two rather sensible, grounded girls whose stories seemed entirely plausible. They told Paul about their area on the worst night of rioting. Two hundred or so locals had come on to the streets to defend their property and businesses. At one point, some wannabe looters had appeared on bikes and made for a local shop. One of them was quite badly beaten, in full view of the police, who took the failed looter away when the local people were finished with him. None of this made even the local newspaper. Even more than copycat rioting, the establishment fears copycat vigilantism, unless it is carried out by approved ethnic groups. As I once opined to a friend concerning Islamist terrorism, the one thing government fears more than radicalised mosques is radicalised pubs.

The testament of real people, bloggers included; accept nothing less.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rioting, Part two.

As The Dust Settles For Now.

I don't wish to be the sole poster here. This contribution is inspired by Richard's link to this, knobhead.  Now mincer White and his socialist luvvie mates and BBC chatterati are not people I would normally give time of day to. This piece fails to build on its partial excellence because of the rabid and slavish need to score party political points. 
The only salvation we can possibly countenance is an end to adversarial politics until a future nation state becomes proven as not working with such a consensus.
Some hope. The failings of successive Governments have been continued or exacerbated. The wishes of the majority trampled under that dreadful phrase "representative democracy". How can an MP use such a term to excuse failing to bow to the majority wish. One when votes are cast in the belief that a manifesto promise is what they can expect. Neither side of this unholy Cobbleition has stuck to its beliefs. As for Pseudo Cameron, his emperor's clothes were well and truly revealed by the youngster quoted by White, "He's a knob head"! Such is the power of some of this article he almost had me admiring Coke'Ed. Until, that is, I quickly remembered that little mongrel's obedience to his previous, proven madman, of a leader.
None of these morons get it. Their part in all this debt creation, broken society, illegal wars and all the other tired, "not me Guv" cliches, is just not on their radar.
Human beings are really made up of differing qualities, abilities and DNA. Some are down right nasty, others lost in a sea of poverty and deprivation, decades of socialism have failed to improve. The loss of manual, unskilled work and outlets for the less able, is a disgrace. Add to that the importation of hordes of immigrants, unable to contribute anything but a colossal burden of sheer volume, to a small group of Islands. The bleeding obvious is phenomenal in its disregardful neglect of mention by the politicians.
If all this were not enough of a failure, we continue blindly down this enforced route to Federalism. As if our own trials and tribulations, political arses and enormous debt were not enough, we blithely volunteer to increase exponentially the very causes of our difficulties. Too much immigration, little output or economic strength. Social ghettos of disillusionment, disenfranchised, disregarded, disaffected, peoples. All the time these individuals are bombarded with Sunday Times Style magazines, celebrity excess and luxury images only a minuscule can ever attain. Ironically those selling the perfect Utopia of self indulgent excess, which so demeans its client base, gets to live those dreams on the back of the window licking populations they exploit.
When I look at what's to be done, I am drawn to my personal, many years old, despair, that only violent overthrow of this madness can work.
The soul searching by the haves, hasn't a clue what it is like to be a have not. I did, as a child. The old Labour/Union people did much to improve the lot of this Nation until they, too, were seduced by the glamour and celebrity of money and power. 
So here we are. An Oldrightie peering to the left and seeing just a small gap before the face of the fascist ghosts of Europe are visible. Moving my head slowly right to seek the commonsense that used to epitomise that direction, I see a weak, enfeebled man. One desperately trying to be all things to all men in public, whilst plotting the very downfall of a once proud people. Heir to Blair, Grandson of Heath. It's enough to make you so angry you want to break something. 
Amid the criminality of last weeks riots were genuinely angry, frustrated people. The response? More draconian policing, further blatant destruction of freedom and a faster march to that jackboot Utopia seen as a Federal Europe. Obama is licking his lips at the very thought of a Pan European supporter of his enslaved Nation. Ironic how a descendant of slavery sees little problem  with that of a whole Continent and slavishly promotes not just the politics of fear but the very exercise of that nightmare. A plague on all their houses.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I Do This At My Place.

Rail helplessly at the state of our Nation and the decline and fall of once proud peoples. Men and women whose parents freed the world of tyranny and Nazi atrocity forced into a straight jacket of disenfranchised helplessness. Ever since the second world war socialism has held sway and brought us to the mess we are in. Mass immigration, colossal bureaucracy and a dumbing down of educational standards and aspiration.
Let's not be gentle about what we are seeing. An economic crash for the second time in three years has brought nothing but more of the same from a political class incapable of self criticism.
Let them suffer the wrath and terror their constituents are having to endure throughout Europe and soon, America. Some hope, of course, that they will. When wondering where the police are deployed in London, look no further than the Greek tactics. Government buildings and wealthy areas were carefully targeted for protection and the deprived, gangster ridden ghettos allowed to burn. Ring any bells? Political change is coming but it will be a great deal more painful to us all than we have yet seen. Their fall back options, to protect themselves from our wrath and indignation, will be well in hand. They probably knew, or should have, that the creation of an imported underclass and tolerance of a gang culture, stretching from Eastern Europe to South America, might bring about what we see in London. One thing is for sure, they keep themselves well away from it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Annual Eton Sports Day.

Always held In Exotic Locations.

As sad as this match turned, out my sympathies lie as much with the unnecessary loss of a precious creature as with the more readily found human volunteer. I suppose the polar bear 1, Etonian 0 half time score would always end in a draw as the bear was gunned down leaving quite possibly a wife and cubs.
This "holiday" expedition was an expensive and somewhat elite journey, more because they could than they should. That it was in the guise of the very questionable climate change obsessives' agenda makes it even more ironic.
Richard blogged on this at his place of reason. and I suspect with a similar sense of mild irritation at the futility of it all. The holiday trade is awash with Eco-tourism to all manner of places we do not belong, with our prurient and selfish need for experiences. "Where's James, today?", asks a guest at some posh garden party, "Oh," replies the host, "He's on an Arctic expedition to determine the decline of the polar bear population in the Arctic, you know? He's passionate about protecting them". He'd have been better donating £10,000 to the protection league for endangered polar bears.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Right On.

Or Maybe Not?

"Ramadan is a time of intense devotion and reflection. Its importance is emphasised in prayer and as a time when families and friends gather to remember those less fortunate. Its values remind us of the principles that we hold in common - tolerance, justice, progress and the dignity of all human beings. The key messages of selflessness, charity, and compassion are values that unite Muslims and non Muslims alike.”" - The Nation

Friday, July 29, 2011

When Somebody Tries.

"They Have Friends".

I had/have a degree of personal involvement two or so years back in this MPs Association. What was awful was to witness a marvellous constituency turned into a toy by a man devoid of decency. I regarded the author of the link a touch cranky only to subsequently discover he was the lad who cried "The Emperor has no clothes". Check out the link and weep for the loss of freedom and accountability. This ought to go viral in its implications.A real opportunity to justifiably have a good hard metaphorical slap of a guy who's sole claim to fame is he is a favoured old school chum of Pseudo Dave. Not nice, I'm sad to say, these people. Typical, of course, of The EU cabal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway. The country with dignity.

Last Night’s speech by the Prime Minister of Norway.
Today Norway was hit by two shocking and bloody and cowardly attacks.
We still do not know who attacked us; much is still uncertain.
But we know that many are dead and injured.
We are all shocked at the evil that has struck us so brutally and so suddenly
This night demands much of all of us.
And the days that follow will demand even more
We are prepared to face up to this.
Norway hangs together during critical times.
We mourn our dead, we suffer with the injured, and we comfort relatives.
This is about attacks on innocent civilians, on young people at summer camp.
An attack on all of us.
I have a message to the people who attacked us, and those behind them.
This is a message from all of Norway:
You will not destroy us.
You will not destroy our democracy nor our quest for a better world.
We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation.
No one shall bomb us into silence or shoot us into silence.
Nothing will frighten us out of being Norway.
This night we will comfort each other, talk with each other, and stand together.
Tomorrow we will show the world that Norway’s democracy grows stronger when it is challenged.
We shall find the guilty and hold them responsible.
The important thing tonight is to save lives, to care for the victims and their loved ones
I would like to state my recognition for the work of the police, the medics,
and all the other people who currently do such formidable work
to help others, healing injures and saving lives.
We must never cease to stand up for our values.
We have to show that our open society can pass this test, too,
And that the answer to violence is even more democracy,
even more humanity, but never naïveté.
That is what we owe to the victims and to the those they hold dear.

A sensible and pragmatic speech.
In this country of ours, we would most likely have our Prime Minister telling us that “Lessons will be learnt”, and bombing us a raft of  further oppressive legislation.

My sympathies in this most troubling time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

As Ever.

The Gathering Storm.

I doubt he'll put his hand up when it matters!

Dodgy Dave really is heir to Bliar, just not as good at disguising his fibbing. Was he warned over Coulson, "I gave him a second chance". Did you discuss the BSkyB deal with NI. "My talks were not inappropriate. ". My own blog has discussed this blatant "liasm" pervading all our institutions. From The BBC to Gus O'Donnell and the Mandarin classes, truth is something to be traded for personal aggrandaisment and cash. Now I've no time for Tom Watson and his biased crusade. His party never read scripture or are too thick to understand "execution by stoning". Yet the mantle inherited by the Cobbleition and the passionate need for the chatterati to sup with very short spoons is still looking very dangerous dinner partying for Pseudo. If dodgy friends and even worse dodgy dossier manipulations are desired, to secure the legacy of Bliar and Brown, Cameron is well on course to be the truest inheritor of a very nasty Government. Greek yoghurts all round?


Monday, July 18, 2011

Here's A Thought.

Hacking Into Corruption.

How about a twelve month moratorium on civil service information wherebye any employee can produce any knowledge they hold under the official secrets act, pertaining to Government and Parliamentary corruption or malpractice? Include EU discussions for a federal completion, bankers rescue practices et al. That might be jolly and very informative. Alternatively, release MI5s dossiers on our MPs and their behaviour and scrub the hundred year lock on Dunblane. Now what was that song from John Lennon? Oh, yes, "Imagine". Part of that wish list is due in 2066, apparently. What it was like to be a Native North American!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Surprising Inevitability.

Lost In Microwaves.

The sense of hope and relief, at the defeat of Snotty's abject failure and Labours' profligate economic paucity of competence, so quickly gone. The cycling reference I find very apt. A Cobbleition, bringing together two ostensibly OK Toffs seemed such a good idea and what the Public voted for. Yet how quickly the doubters have been proved correct. The first glimmer of a vain but consequential new and once more unelected PM was his car document and wardrobe carrying motorcade behind the pink lefty, red jacketed buffoon.
Even so it seemed set fair for a full term with the new head Boys in charge. OK, both have a dubious record as individuals. Both never held a decent job and Cleggy steeped in the largesse given to the chosen few of The EU Nazis still seemed refreshing up against the stained nappy wearing, nose picker, forebear of this now discredited office of Government. However the News International scandals swirling about ought now to see Cameron go before Cleggy. Who'd have thought that.
We need something cataclysmic to let Cameron take his fellow cycling travellers over the cliff, without us all being dragged over with them. Perhaps a great flood sweeping London into the sea would do it. Make sure every MP and sycophantic prat is in situ first, though. That would include most if not all of The MSM and The BBC and every member of the three useless parties. Time Cameron got on his bike in many a sense.