Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Surprising Inevitability.

Lost In Microwaves.

The sense of hope and relief, at the defeat of Snotty's abject failure and Labours' profligate economic paucity of competence, so quickly gone. The cycling reference I find very apt. A Cobbleition, bringing together two ostensibly OK Toffs seemed such a good idea and what the Public voted for. Yet how quickly the doubters have been proved correct. The first glimmer of a vain but consequential new and once more unelected PM was his car document and wardrobe carrying motorcade behind the pink lefty, red jacketed buffoon.
Even so it seemed set fair for a full term with the new head Boys in charge. OK, both have a dubious record as individuals. Both never held a decent job and Cleggy steeped in the largesse given to the chosen few of The EU Nazis still seemed refreshing up against the stained nappy wearing, nose picker, forebear of this now discredited office of Government. However the News International scandals swirling about ought now to see Cameron go before Cleggy. Who'd have thought that.
We need something cataclysmic to let Cameron take his fellow cycling travellers over the cliff, without us all being dragged over with them. Perhaps a great flood sweeping London into the sea would do it. Make sure every MP and sycophantic prat is in situ first, though. That would include most if not all of The MSM and The BBC and every member of the three useless parties. Time Cameron got on his bike in many a sense.

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