Friday, July 29, 2011

When Somebody Tries.

"They Have Friends".

I had/have a degree of personal involvement two or so years back in this MPs Association. What was awful was to witness a marvellous constituency turned into a toy by a man devoid of decency. I regarded the author of the link a touch cranky only to subsequently discover he was the lad who cried "The Emperor has no clothes". Check out the link and weep for the loss of freedom and accountability. This ought to go viral in its implications.A real opportunity to justifiably have a good hard metaphorical slap of a guy who's sole claim to fame is he is a favoured old school chum of Pseudo Dave. Not nice, I'm sad to say, these people. Typical, of course, of The EU cabal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway. The country with dignity.

Last Night’s speech by the Prime Minister of Norway.
Today Norway was hit by two shocking and bloody and cowardly attacks.
We still do not know who attacked us; much is still uncertain.
But we know that many are dead and injured.
We are all shocked at the evil that has struck us so brutally and so suddenly
This night demands much of all of us.
And the days that follow will demand even more
We are prepared to face up to this.
Norway hangs together during critical times.
We mourn our dead, we suffer with the injured, and we comfort relatives.
This is about attacks on innocent civilians, on young people at summer camp.
An attack on all of us.
I have a message to the people who attacked us, and those behind them.
This is a message from all of Norway:
You will not destroy us.
You will not destroy our democracy nor our quest for a better world.
We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation.
No one shall bomb us into silence or shoot us into silence.
Nothing will frighten us out of being Norway.
This night we will comfort each other, talk with each other, and stand together.
Tomorrow we will show the world that Norway’s democracy grows stronger when it is challenged.
We shall find the guilty and hold them responsible.
The important thing tonight is to save lives, to care for the victims and their loved ones
I would like to state my recognition for the work of the police, the medics,
and all the other people who currently do such formidable work
to help others, healing injures and saving lives.
We must never cease to stand up for our values.
We have to show that our open society can pass this test, too,
And that the answer to violence is even more democracy,
even more humanity, but never naïveté.
That is what we owe to the victims and to the those they hold dear.

A sensible and pragmatic speech.
In this country of ours, we would most likely have our Prime Minister telling us that “Lessons will be learnt”, and bombing us a raft of  further oppressive legislation.

My sympathies in this most troubling time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

As Ever.

The Gathering Storm.

I doubt he'll put his hand up when it matters!

Dodgy Dave really is heir to Bliar, just not as good at disguising his fibbing. Was he warned over Coulson, "I gave him a second chance". Did you discuss the BSkyB deal with NI. "My talks were not inappropriate. ". My own blog has discussed this blatant "liasm" pervading all our institutions. From The BBC to Gus O'Donnell and the Mandarin classes, truth is something to be traded for personal aggrandaisment and cash. Now I've no time for Tom Watson and his biased crusade. His party never read scripture or are too thick to understand "execution by stoning". Yet the mantle inherited by the Cobbleition and the passionate need for the chatterati to sup with very short spoons is still looking very dangerous dinner partying for Pseudo. If dodgy friends and even worse dodgy dossier manipulations are desired, to secure the legacy of Bliar and Brown, Cameron is well on course to be the truest inheritor of a very nasty Government. Greek yoghurts all round?


Monday, July 18, 2011

Here's A Thought.

Hacking Into Corruption.

How about a twelve month moratorium on civil service information wherebye any employee can produce any knowledge they hold under the official secrets act, pertaining to Government and Parliamentary corruption or malpractice? Include EU discussions for a federal completion, bankers rescue practices et al. That might be jolly and very informative. Alternatively, release MI5s dossiers on our MPs and their behaviour and scrub the hundred year lock on Dunblane. Now what was that song from John Lennon? Oh, yes, "Imagine". Part of that wish list is due in 2066, apparently. What it was like to be a Native North American!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Surprising Inevitability.

Lost In Microwaves.

The sense of hope and relief, at the defeat of Snotty's abject failure and Labours' profligate economic paucity of competence, so quickly gone. The cycling reference I find very apt. A Cobbleition, bringing together two ostensibly OK Toffs seemed such a good idea and what the Public voted for. Yet how quickly the doubters have been proved correct. The first glimmer of a vain but consequential new and once more unelected PM was his car document and wardrobe carrying motorcade behind the pink lefty, red jacketed buffoon.
Even so it seemed set fair for a full term with the new head Boys in charge. OK, both have a dubious record as individuals. Both never held a decent job and Cleggy steeped in the largesse given to the chosen few of The EU Nazis still seemed refreshing up against the stained nappy wearing, nose picker, forebear of this now discredited office of Government. However the News International scandals swirling about ought now to see Cameron go before Cleggy. Who'd have thought that.
We need something cataclysmic to let Cameron take his fellow cycling travellers over the cliff, without us all being dragged over with them. Perhaps a great flood sweeping London into the sea would do it. Make sure every MP and sycophantic prat is in situ first, though. That would include most if not all of The MSM and The BBC and every member of the three useless parties. Time Cameron got on his bike in many a sense.

Friday, July 15, 2011




Time Traveller blogs at Adventures in Time Travel

A Blessed Relief.

BBC Journalists (auto cue readers in the main) Strike!

What a joy to not have the likes of this pair of smug, giggling, self-satisfied, spoilt and superior kids despoiling the news. Sober, unbiased delivery of facts today. No constant repetition by studio to outside broadcasters and back. "The loss of common sense is a dreadful thing. Jim, our specialist dumbo is outside Number ten. Jim, is the loss of common sense a dreadful thing?" "Why, yes Fiona. Even Downing Street agree and so do I. Back to you, Fiona in  the studio." "There you have it. The BBC and therefore you suckers out there now all agree because our bias is all that matters!".
Why not get rid of them all? Save on mega wages and no more massive, tax payer funded pensions. Simples!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Biblical Waste.

Hardly Seven Fishes, Is It?

As our drug addled EU masters pontificate at the failure of yet another pathetic policy, dating back to 1983, famine engulfs Africa and EU fish eating populations go short. All in the name of preserving stocks. A policy warned against from day one is now depleting further an already ravaged marine supply. Now this Damascan moment has been realised, guess what? It will take years to reverse, millions of euros to have endless meetings, dubious debates and a self-interest modification to protect those who have made great profits at others' expense. "There will be hard bargaining by the European Parliament and EU member states' governments before the new policy is adopted." Note the BBC euphimism "revamped"!  
I also doubt that factory ships throw anything back. Mulch it all up into fish fingers and who's the wiser? 

Imagine how many tonnes this would have to dump!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Squeaky voices

If we were so minded, we could take The Independent headline and its story and rewrite them, better to reflect the reality. Rather than say that a question mark now hangs over Cameron's judgement, however, we would have to resort to the use of rather more words. Thus might we say:
After years of stumbling around in the dark, ignoring the self-evident and blindingly obvious fact that Cameron's judgement is and always has been suspect over a very wide range of issues, we have at last discovered that he is a seriously flawed man and have decided to present our discovery to you in the guise of "news", thereby assuming that you are so thick that you hadn't already noticed and that you need to pay us clever people to tell you.
Now, we admit that this does not have quite the same immediacy and striking power as a Sun headline. But then we am not clever like wot these professional journalists are, who are at the centre of things and know what's really going down.

On the other hand, we could say that the Fourth Estate, in now reporting that which most of the nation already knew, is having to deal the embarrassment of playing catch-up. And this is the best they can do.

What must be terrifying these little dears, though, is the parallel discovery that so many people had come to their conclusions unaided, without the mighty MSM to guide them. The brighter ones may even be putting two and two together, realising that most people don't actually need their clever commentary in order to know what to think.

Even then, old habits die hard. Still, they chase after that single, elusive thing that they all strive after: setting the agenda. That, they think, is where their power lies – not as yet realising that the world has changed forever. They have lost their monopoly control of information, and are just squeaky voices, competing for a hearing in the growing cacophony.

Friday, July 8, 2011

If Honour Existed.

This Would Happen Later Today.

David Cameron. 

"The events that have unfolded in the past few weeks, culminating in the closure of  The News of The World and the arrest of its former editor and my initial appointment as Press Secretary,  Andrew Coulson, I make the following statement:
It is apparent that this action, in appointing such an individual to the heart of British Politics, was a grave error of judgement. This mistake has led me to realise that my own fitness for office is now questionable. Not least by myself. I therefore, with immediate effect intend to step down as Prime Minister, after taking the necessary steps to call an immediate General Election. I shall also urge my Party to not contest that election and call upon The Labour and Liberal Democrats to do the same. My reasons for such actions are that all three parties have allowed our political system to fall into a morass of immoral, corrupt and secretive deals in all areas of Government and that this can no longer be allowed to continue. Thank you."

Jedward Miliband. 

"In light of The Prime Minister's statement I am duly bound to reply. On behalf of The Labour party I can categorically state that the behaviour of Alistair Campbell, whilst holding the post of Press Secretary to Tony Blair, was far cleverer, more devious and successful in not getting caught out, than Coulson. I therefore divorce myself from all previous dealings, over circa 18 years that my party had with News International.

The lavish parties, yachts and private jets, employed on our behalf by Rupert Murdoch, were all for the well being and good of The Labour movement. Our economic legacy proves how little influence they had on our great period in office. To this end I shall resist the call by Mr Cameron not to contest the forthcoming election. Indeed I can state at this press conference that any manifesto pledges and guarantees not to drive The Nation even deeper into debt, will be reneged upon, as soon as we enter Office once more, in order to continue the traditions of sleaze and corruption for which all British political parties are rightly famous. Thank you."

Nicklearse Clegg. 

"It is my duty to respond to the statements of my right dishonourable dear friends, The Prime Minister and the leader Of The Labour Party. This moment is a tipping point in the politics of this once great country now brought to its knees by the years of corrupt and corrosive relationships of the other two parties. Whilst their underhand and despicable governance has led us to the brink of destruction, my party, under my leadership, has kept the only hope of salvation we have alive. 

My confidential and secret meetings with our great European State has kept the door open to sacrifice our future for the good of the moral, upright and totally incorruptible Federal European States. I am therefore able to announce my party will fight the next election funded wholly by the European Commission. 

Subject to the inevitable victory, if not at the first time of asking then at the re-run, in which the financial burden will no longer permit any opposition , I will immediately close Parliament and subsume all future governance to The EUSSR. I am guaranteed that this State Of Liberata will have the extreme honour of providing the very first ever President of The EUSSR unified in the dream of a 1984 Utopian existence. Thank you."

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's Only July The Seventh.

Forget financial meltdown, political storms and violent protests. Forget job losses, bankruptcies, heartache and suffering. Already the main topic of conversation and real interest throughout the corridors of power, is the great August EU shut down. Regardless of any consequences, the real head honchos hand over the reins to the dogs body wannabees.

The truly mighty fuck off for many weeks of indulgence. Fully stuffed with their ill gotten gains, squeezed from suckers like us. The luxury yacht crews are busy readying for the orgies of indulgence, the private jets are polished and fuelled and the invitations to the pleasure domes already embossed in gold for their missive welcomes.

A new haven for a quiet raping of a compliant and desperately grateful, less surly servitude, is up and running. Corfu confined to the blazing inferno of the Greek meltdown. Since money is no object we have built a new and ever more exclusive pleasure palace and marina. Welcome all those corrupt enough to visit.

In on the beginning of this creation was Kiddyfiddler and his mates, in 2008. How it's done in that world. Just three years later we have a summary of this post. and a picture for you to slaver over.

Would I wish to or would I indulge in all of this. I can honestly say no. Such gatherings should be to celebrate a stable, decent world. Contrast it with the drought in Africa and ask if this wealth could make a difference? I suspect it could in the right hands. Such hands no longer exist, it would seem.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Difficult Definition

What's the definition of an independent blogger?  I find it difficult to define.  From the Free Dictionary:

1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
2. Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind.
3. Not determined or influenced by someone or something else; not contingent: a decision independent of the outcome of the study.
4. often Independent Affiliated with or loyal to no one political party or organization.
5. Not dependent on or affiliated with a larger or controlling entity: an independent food store; an independent film.
a. Not relying on others for support, care, or funds; self-supporting.
b. Providing or being sufficient income to enable one to live without working:

The vision I have is a blogger similar to myself - a member of no political party and completely self-reliant. But in truth I'm not, because I have the background support of the delightful gentleman OldRightie, who has been my guardian angel since a distressing episode some time ago. Both of us are of an independent mind yet it is possible OR could be member of a political party.  Does that make him less independent than me? I think not.

In the past year or so group blogs have popped up all over the place, some having a few regular contributers and others having regular posts by a multitude of authors. Few have profiles of their authors. Are they independent?  It's certainly much easier to keep a reasonably high profile in the blogosphere if you have a pool of authors but it raises the question of whether it's the blog or the blogger(s) who are independent.

Some bloggers are professional journalists/writers.  Are they independent when they write on a personal blog?

Like most bloggers I have my regular reading list and I have only two standard rules.  If a blog doesn't have a visible contact email address I don't read it.  Not that I intend to bombard fellow bloggers with emails, but a contact address shows me that the writer is open to his/her readership.

Another rule is I no longer comment on blogs which do not interact with their readership.  Why spend time writing a comment in response to what is a thoughtful post only to wonder if it was even read.  When I began it was my decision to acknowledge every commenter at my place.  Little did I realise how time consuming that would be, even for a small blog, but it's the very least I can do to acknowledge the time my reader has spent composing their comment and I consider it common courtesy. 

That apart, are those independent bloggers truly independent?  I suggest not because we partly rely upon each other to provide links to posts which have relevance to their own.  However that doesn't affect each and every one of us having a truly independent mind does it?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Media Frenzy.

A Terrific Diversion I Suspect.

Of course the Milly story is ghastly but just a minute. Our Nation is labelled thus. So here we go again, war, spying on people, police brutality and all the unsavoury machinery of State control, good. A newspaper mimics this behaviour and whoooah, dreadful, terrible, awful. Whatever we think of this latest scandal, watch it used to increase and create yet more draconian legislation. No doubt cheered on by our puppet masters in The EU. Also makes for "a good day to bury bad news" scenario.
George Orwell was naive when he wrote "1984", the 2011 reality is looking even worse. As for "Animal farm", we are all slowly becoming no more than pig swill!

Monday, July 4, 2011

This is what happens when you give the job to amateurs

Lovely Louise Gray over at the Telegraph is doing her bit for recycling again.

We keep sending more and more of our recycling to landfill, apparently. According to her pals over at DEFRA, it's gone up by 50,000 tons in two years: everybody involved somehow contrives to keep the total recycling figure a secret from we readers - to hide an inconvenient fact such as a drop in the percentage being sent to landfill perhaps?

Of course, it's all our fault.
"Environmental groups have blamed councils for failing to educate households about which materials to put in the recycling bin.."

= We're thick.

"Recycling has to be dumped if it is "contaminated" with the wrong material, for example smashed glass put in alongside newspapers.."

= We're thick

"Mal Williams, of the Campaign for Real Recycling, blamed the system where councils collect different streams, like paper, plastic and cardboard in one bag".

= We need to separate rubbish more and we need more bins.

"Up to 10 per cent of the material has to be dumped because it is mixed with the wrong materials, such as bottle tops and food waste".

= We're thick.

"Julian Kirby, a campaigner with Friends of the Earth, said that councils must make sure the material collected for recycling is processed correctly rather than dumped or burned".

= We're thick and so are our councils.

"It's not just how much recycling we do that's important, it's also how we do it," he said. Gary Porter, the chairman of the Local Government Association Environment Board.."

= I'm paid a great deal of money to state the bleedin' obvious.

"The vast majority of people do the right thing, which is great. But the slight increase in contamination rates demonstrates why it is important for councils to be able to identify and work with people who misunderstand or make mistakes when sorting their rubbish."

= We're thick - but some of us are thicker than others and will need to be sent to special re-education camps.

The real answer is to stop producing crap for which there is no purpose other than to be thrown away. Time Traveller Boy II went to the shop today to buy a product from the world's richest 'concerned environmentalist'. The product was a number which could have been printed on his sales receipt.

Instead, as you'll see from the picture above, it came printed on a card, laid into a dvd-sized tray of indeterminate material, in a cardboard sleeve...

At least TTBoyII had the good sense to decline a bag to put it in.

Time Traveller blogs at Adventures in Time Travel