Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surely A Good Moment?

To Consider Climate Change.

“To this end, the scientific research is organised around a set of scientific themes, covering climate observations, understanding climate processes and extremes, climate model development and evaluation, and climate prediction.” So we are advised by an organisation we pay dearly for. This smug preamble boasts of how it's funded with not even a nod towards the poor, frozen, downtrodden tax payer. 

No BBC reporting of this, however. Nor any acknowledgement from our smuglets at the Met Office. Hundreds, maybe thousands of State funded employees who have and continue to scare the beejesus out of us. Yet never ever owning up to the kind of mistakes on which their quack computer models are based. 

Richard's blog gives us a broad hint as to why this Met Office Quango is a damaging and expensive nightmare. To garner executive careers and big bucks, the boring boffins in this organisation set out to corner the market in perceived expertise. This then was and still is sold around the globe and listened to with hushed reverence by those who see nought but garlanded robes of pomp and glory adorning these very naked and exposed Emperors.

However their less than well proven science, glaring assumptions and inadequate testing of their theoretical assumptions has endangered us all. They seek to manipulate reality to fit already unchangeable and expensive models. Climate and meteorology are ever changing and no computer model can ever cope with the variability of planetary and solar influences.

To commit energy policies to a pseudo climate industry advisory expertise of dubious quality has been abject folly and failure. Coal and its value to our energy needs has been subordinated to the old days of Union control and the understandable desire to neuter those "Scargill" nasty activities. This self same necessity to confront unrealistic trade union behaviour, also marred a once powerful motor car industry.

Interestingly that latter productive side of the UK economy is returning in some strength. So far unfettered by the stupidity of the bully boy trade union nastiness. That is now reserved for the public service cadres since that sector became the largest employer under Labour. The natural consequence of that meant trade unions took over and have made public services the new "British Leyland" nest for left wing socialist storm troopers.

I digress. As this drawn out winter continues to astound in its severity and cold, the slavish adherence to a perceived warming agenda has left us bereft of energy policy and secure warmth. Whatever is done to redress that balance its lateness will cost many more thousands of lives. Add to the already genocidal leanings of David Nicholson's NHS strategies for the elderly and the glaringly careless failings of our climatology investment and the manner in which we are all put at needless risk is obvious.

The very purpose of Government to protect its people has failed. No more so than the manner in which policy for climate and energy has enriched the already wealthy and the very death of the frail and elderly. A scandalous state of affairs for which no one is likely to be held accountable. As with the NHS, so with the Met Office. Two cheeks of a very mediocre butt!

For sensible and genuinely scientifically challenging climate and meteorology you may well care to browse this front page.  Tells us more than decades of Al Gore's wealth and self enrichment diatribes and nonsense.