Friday, July 29, 2011

When Somebody Tries.

"They Have Friends".

I had/have a degree of personal involvement two or so years back in this MPs Association. What was awful was to witness a marvellous constituency turned into a toy by a man devoid of decency. I regarded the author of the link a touch cranky only to subsequently discover he was the lad who cried "The Emperor has no clothes". Check out the link and weep for the loss of freedom and accountability. This ought to go viral in its implications.A real opportunity to justifiably have a good hard metaphorical slap of a guy who's sole claim to fame is he is a favoured old school chum of Pseudo Dave. Not nice, I'm sad to say, these people. Typical, of course, of The EU cabal.


  1. Shocking, but not at all surprising. Big trouble ahead as the gap between the political classes (I include the MSM and the police) and the hoi polloi gapes wider and wider.

    A fine letter. What my father used to call, a "Lieutenant Colonel's letter" (he was such, and a fine writer of such letters as well).

  2. Good luck. I hope you nail him.

  3. That would be the sort of challenge I would rise to. personally I would breach this instruction in the hope I was taken to court. You cant beat full disclosure.

  4. Do visit Jim's blog and give him your support.