Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safe European homes: After the crash

The Kopp Publishing Company recently held a series of lectures in Germany to discuss the impending doom of the EU and the chocolate pennies which currently pass for its currency. It was an ensemble piece of financiers, economists and casino bankers, but amidst the advice and prognostication came a warning which I suspect a lot of writers outside the MSM know perfectly well to be accurate:

"[Udo] Ulfkotte warned of impending unrest in Europe, which we can also expect in Germany. Many in the hall gasped when the secret service expert reported: Unnoticed by media and public, 'special action forces are being prepared all over Europe to forcefully put down the expected social protests. Until a few days ago, reported the ex-correspondent of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), not even the parliamentary representatives charged with responsibility for control of the secret services had known that there has for years been a secret European organization of informants whose target above all is EU opponents and critics. “The work groups form cross-border teams, which, for example, are supposed to observe potential ringleaders and plant contact people in their environment.'"

[Hat tip: Gates of Vienna]

When the grand guignol debacle of the EU finally hits the tarmac with its undercarriage firmly locked in the stowed position, there will be blood. Our police, of course, showed themselves to be utterly useless during last summer's rioting. European police, however, the forces of naturally fascist countries such as Spain, Italy and France, will not spare the night-stick and might be less inclined to act like social workers on a lunchbreak from their latest racial diversity course.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Dear!

The EU Looking Very Wobbly!

Right on their doorstep! No BBC coverage, of course!

Right on their doorstep and in the middle of the beloved EU AGW weather of deep, bone chilling weather! Add to this the German's apparent desire to dump Greece, after having brought them to this point and suddenly the edifice is cracking!  Add this gem  patriotic policemen , an anathema to the EU Dictatorship and it really is getting bumpy!

It may well be that as more and more "States" struggle to clothe, feed and shelter their citizens, due to the oppressive and deluded scams of this unelected nightmare in Brussels, the tinder box will ignite big time. After all the imagined wealth of the EU largesse is all built on worthless paper. That bog rol has then been "loaned" to keep German and French business ticking along.

Now this ridiculous behaviour is exposed. They can huff and puff, print more toilet paper but when all's said and done the real wealth and value stems from the work and or the savings of its people. Suddenly these very people are asking questions as to what the cretins have done and are doing, with the remaining dregs of their citizens holdings.

What is needed is a period of isolation and a reduction of useless central control. If they don't break up the EU soon, it will be done for them. Indeed it's already happening. God speed to all those fighting at last this political and corporate cartel of imbeciles.