Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still Nothing Changes.

This Post Could Easily Be Attached To The Last.

Here you will find more of where the money went. Why the fat Greek slob above has chosen to make available the "list" of crooks involved is uncertain. One thing shines out from the Slog's excellent post is how shafted we all have and continue to be. The likes of Mandleson and so many others' culpable and fraudulent activity, beggars belief.

As ever, what really goes on we may never know but revolutionary disclosures will help. Long may the ensuing scandals grow so large as to consume the pederasts, the thieves, tax dodgers and those who believe their good fortune to be with the "in crowd" gives them godly, (satanic, more like) powers. This EU, New World Order possible collapse just might make so much hurt actually worthwhile!