Friday, October 28, 2011

Chinese Lessons, Anyone?

The Economic Wars Continue.

The concept of a New World Order is spoken of regularly throughout the internet. The European Federal Statehood project, regardless of any other considerations, is definitely a construct designed to further political and corporate dominance over peoples.

However the movers and shakers have and still do underestimate the manner of human existence and nature. Just as they considered they were bringing Gaddafi into the fold his people decided otherwise. Hence the smartly executed U turn by the newly formed military EU forces carved out of the NATO rump. 

A further matter not anticipated by the NWO establishment has been the rise of China as a super power. One not only with colossal military might but an even more influential strength, cash! The courting of the USSR thieves fleeing that collapse of a political union (enslavement) was easy. The cold war had gained significant capability to attract the billions of dollars filched by that shady political elite. So garnering that immense wealth for the benefit of "the cause" was not difficult. Indeed planned for.

All of these years unfolding, with a significant push towards a single world governing elite, was still rushed and done in haste in recent years. Patience was wearing thin and The EU construct was painfully slow. Hence the euro introduction designed to expedite the single state ambition. Sadly, with all the political jockeying and absorption of the capitalist corporate global reach, into one pea soup of dogma, has meant that China has been given a free and easy ride to their current might.

Now, this very day, we see an EU begging trip to Beijing. How humiliating to be told this, " The chief of the European Union bailout fund is holding talks with Chinese officials on China’s possible involvement in saving the euro. Klaus Regling also hinted that his fund could become part of a joint vehicle with the IMF. ", taken from this article.  The Chinese will demand a "lay off" the human rights mantra" in return, though

Note the bold print. A neat trick to drag a global fund into the EU remit. A fund once meant to further developing countries in most need but long since "taken over" by the Bilderberger interests.

So we see immediately that our concerns for the welfare of our species is now a ready currency for the political architects of a future too horrific to contemplate. How ironic we have come to this, after a World War fought to protect our freedoms and humanity. In our modern world the ends really do justify the means. That despite the abject failure of this greed for power, beloved of the few, enjoyed by the few but hell on earth for the many!

Nevertheless, we have seen an Arab Spring. Imagine what a Chinese Summer might produce!


  1. Apt piece. The EU gauleiters are putting political satirists out of a job. But I do hope the Laurels and Hardys of the Eurozone have read up on the imminent collapse of China's housing bubble.