Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tories, (Buggin's) Turn.

The Political Soap Bubble Frenzy reaches Its Bursting Point.

Was it only me who noticed the almost identical image of the bastardised Union Flag in Liverpool? It inspired my use of "Buggin's" turn, as The Not The Real Tories (NTRT) conference kicks off their chattering, useless jamboree today.  

Words we won't hear will be, "Ed and me agree wholeheartedly on the complete Eurification of the UK". The fact that a soporific bunch of young and old, carefully selected, codgers will be getting themselves off that they are the present incumbents in Downing Street, will be feted as some kind of triumphalist platform for Pseudo to strut his rather limp stuff.

Choreographic input will seek to hold as much attention as Strictly Cum Dancing,  without the bodily fluid inconveniences. It will all escape any incisive attention by the blathering Chatterati. Words will be spoken, speeches made, vainly hoping to resonate with the importance of Churchill's. The economic disaster engulfing us all will be likened to the actual life and death battles fought in the past, to retain sovereignty and freedom.

All will be European Union vetted. All will be spoken in the hope the orator will be adopted as a pet Commissioner on the remaining, luxury class, lifeboats, soon to leave the site of the "unsinkable" Titanic EU iceberg collision. For sink it will. The only question is when and how bad will it be?

Those two latter questions are those this Country wish addressed, discussed or at least acknowledged. Fat chance. Full steam ahead, more icebergs to hit, more people to be drowned but don't fret. We got you into this mess in order to distract you all while we quietly equip our lifeboats. 

That the "delegates" will meekly sit, as the Nazis on the platform stage assure them they only need a shower to be set free of it all. They will be every bit as sheepish, supportive and stupid as the idiots at the LibDum fest and  Socialist pogroms, spouted by their erstwhile peers, on the rostrums of deceit.

If you can be bothered to watch do so for the reason that this theatre is reflective of your and your childrens' lives and futures. Futures measured by which political Party has the best posters, the best scams and the best camouflage for their EU masters. The faces in the auditorium will be obedient, acquiescent and glum. Weak, pathetic and puerile as the ruling elite adopt not just a poster design but a complete surrender of our history and our future. 

Frankly the blind, stupid, faithful and pathetically loyal, duped fools will not be capable of smelling the toxic gases enveloping them from behind the platform. They, we, deserve all we are getting.


  1. Last days of the EU, last days of the UK.

  2. I think something like that was said circa 1940, James!