Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Never Know.

What's Really Going On.

A favourite meme when Labour left office, telling us all rather smugly "there's no money left" was where did it all go? That question must be ever more relevant as this pathetic, political wasteland that is The EU stumbles on, despite the justifiable blows raining down.

Calling England and Muffled Vociferation are but two, my own included, of hundreds of people affected dreadfully by this arrogant folly and who do realise where the money has gone. Just listen to the ever higher pitched voice of near panic from Barroso. One of the stark reminders of the awful and power hungry idiots who are behind our deep malaise. Calling England points us to this article, from The telegraph. 

The obvious and all powerful reason for the "abyss" we now stare over is the profligate Euro zone spending programmes, mostly lost to bureaucratic job creation gerrymandering,  wherebye  government none-jobs have been used by Countries in the belief competition for trade, goods, tourism and produce was no longer necessary.

It was a beloved tactic by Labour in the UK and mimicked throughout Europe, with the possible exception of Germany. Newly employed "jobs for life" workers went on a spending spree, borrowing from willing lenders against supposedly secure earnings. Behind all this the whispering conspiratorial politicians and bankers really believed they had created a virtuous circle.

How wrong could you be? In 2008 savers, nervous for their money began thinking it might be better under a blanket in their own care. Investors and institutions wanted guarantees that could not be met. At least so it seemed, only by tax payers and their discredited political friends.

So these whispering, secretive cabals turned to the even shadower corridors of organised crime. An activity desperate to launder vast sums of ill gotten gains. Then look what happened. That cash was squandered in exactly the identical manner as previously. Suddenly the Mafioso were nervous about there hordes of money now in the hands of governments and The Euro zone particularly. 

All of this politicisation and overt criminalisation of international, globalised lunacy, where all the proper tenets of competitive but fair trade were subsumed to a political desire prepared to do anything to cling to power, has brought us to a terrible impasse. Now, however the paymasters are no longer voters but  criminal gangs with possibly greater power and wealth than their political counterparts.

The permanent political class, Sarah Palin's excellent description, are now so far down the road to perdition they consider their only chance of survival is to take us all down the same path. In this they, like their criminal bosses, forget one significant fact. One unfolding in The Middle East,  that eventually the worm turns. It is a very large one and it might just be moving in The Western Bloc. We can but hope. Of course if the Mafia start their Shylock like retribution to honour debt owing,  that, too, might concentrate a few minds! 

Who would you choose to be the character in the bed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Desperate For Tax Revenue.

From Anywhere But Government Saving.

I am at a loss to understand today's pronouncements, or any day's for that matter. Today is this gem, another hidden agenda, of course. It is one of an onslaught of decree and obfuscation to hide the mathematical  constant that is Government failure over the decades following the second world war.

Remember Cameron's election prattle about how hard it would be but he had the answers? Government waste leading to punitive taxation  was the problem he pledged to turn around. Nothing about runaway inflation, increased Government debt, interest repayments and 20% VAT. All of these would not be an issue. We'd all be in it together.

Nevertheless the British Public didn't want him and his fellow, "green" in philosophy and green in experience, lot in charge. Sadly we have not only The Conservative in name, not in nature, cretins sort of in charge but a scary and pathetic LibDum partnership of all the non-talents.

School and education reform blocked, green taxation under their disgraced and mega-rich spoilt brat, Huhne soaring away to a nightmare collision with reality and exponential fuel poverty. No matter, onward and upwards for the fortunate few and screw the rest of us. Build on our farmlands to assuage the appetite of development cronies and donors. Swamp our coastal waters and dark satanic mills with useless windmills. Don't ask why windmills fell out of favour for milling, chaps, old hat all that. 

The list of debased and devalued policies is endless. Only one thing remains as an aforementioned constant. All these stupid ideas need ever more taxation. That appears not to be a problem. Except it actually is. Without production of goods and food to feed ourselves we have to compete with ever growing world populations and subsequent demand. Without our own in house capability for energy, (coal) and sustenance (farming) we will be very much at a disadvantage. 

Add to that little means to defend ourselves from predatory interests, particularly from Europe and we have a pessimistic scenario invisible to those supposed to do anything about it. One major factor in all this? Market forces have been quietly politicised and we all know what that means.