Monday, August 8, 2011


I Do This At My Place.

Rail helplessly at the state of our Nation and the decline and fall of once proud peoples. Men and women whose parents freed the world of tyranny and Nazi atrocity forced into a straight jacket of disenfranchised helplessness. Ever since the second world war socialism has held sway and brought us to the mess we are in. Mass immigration, colossal bureaucracy and a dumbing down of educational standards and aspiration.
Let's not be gentle about what we are seeing. An economic crash for the second time in three years has brought nothing but more of the same from a political class incapable of self criticism.
Let them suffer the wrath and terror their constituents are having to endure throughout Europe and soon, America. Some hope, of course, that they will. When wondering where the police are deployed in London, look no further than the Greek tactics. Government buildings and wealthy areas were carefully targeted for protection and the deprived, gangster ridden ghettos allowed to burn. Ring any bells? Political change is coming but it will be a great deal more painful to us all than we have yet seen. Their fall back options, to protect themselves from our wrath and indignation, will be well in hand. They probably knew, or should have, that the creation of an imported underclass and tolerance of a gang culture, stretching from Eastern Europe to South America, might bring about what we see in London. One thing is for sure, they keep themselves well away from it.

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