Friday, July 22, 2011

As Ever.

The Gathering Storm.

I doubt he'll put his hand up when it matters!

Dodgy Dave really is heir to Bliar, just not as good at disguising his fibbing. Was he warned over Coulson, "I gave him a second chance". Did you discuss the BSkyB deal with NI. "My talks were not inappropriate. ". My own blog has discussed this blatant "liasm" pervading all our institutions. From The BBC to Gus O'Donnell and the Mandarin classes, truth is something to be traded for personal aggrandaisment and cash. Now I've no time for Tom Watson and his biased crusade. His party never read scripture or are too thick to understand "execution by stoning". Yet the mantle inherited by the Cobbleition and the passionate need for the chatterati to sup with very short spoons is still looking very dangerous dinner partying for Pseudo. If dodgy friends and even worse dodgy dossier manipulations are desired, to secure the legacy of Bliar and Brown, Cameron is well on course to be the truest inheritor of a very nasty Government. Greek yoghurts all round?


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