Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's Only July The Seventh.

Forget financial meltdown, political storms and violent protests. Forget job losses, bankruptcies, heartache and suffering. Already the main topic of conversation and real interest throughout the corridors of power, is the great August EU shut down. Regardless of any consequences, the real head honchos hand over the reins to the dogs body wannabees.

The truly mighty fuck off for many weeks of indulgence. Fully stuffed with their ill gotten gains, squeezed from suckers like us. The luxury yacht crews are busy readying for the orgies of indulgence, the private jets are polished and fuelled and the invitations to the pleasure domes already embossed in gold for their missive welcomes.

A new haven for a quiet raping of a compliant and desperately grateful, less surly servitude, is up and running. Corfu confined to the blazing inferno of the Greek meltdown. Since money is no object we have built a new and ever more exclusive pleasure palace and marina. Welcome all those corrupt enough to visit.

In on the beginning of this creation was Kiddyfiddler and his mates, in 2008. How it's done in that world. Just three years later we have a summary of this post. and a picture for you to slaver over.

Would I wish to or would I indulge in all of this. I can honestly say no. Such gatherings should be to celebrate a stable, decent world. Contrast it with the drought in Africa and ask if this wealth could make a difference? I suspect it could in the right hands. Such hands no longer exist, it would seem.

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