Friday, July 15, 2011

A Blessed Relief.

BBC Journalists (auto cue readers in the main) Strike!

What a joy to not have the likes of this pair of smug, giggling, self-satisfied, spoilt and superior kids despoiling the news. Sober, unbiased delivery of facts today. No constant repetition by studio to outside broadcasters and back. "The loss of common sense is a dreadful thing. Jim, our specialist dumbo is outside Number ten. Jim, is the loss of common sense a dreadful thing?" "Why, yes Fiona. Even Downing Street agree and so do I. Back to you, Fiona in  the studio." "There you have it. The BBC and therefore you suckers out there now all agree because our bias is all that matters!".
Why not get rid of them all? Save on mega wages and no more massive, tax payer funded pensions. Simples!

1 comment:

  1. That's close OR... But no cigar (electric of course!)...

    They usually get half a sentence each...

    They couldn't handle a whole one.