Monday, June 27, 2011

A Speech From An Accomplished Derrière.

Is There A More Significant Ar*e On The Planet Or In The EU Bubble?

This despicable and ghastly, vain, self-loving kiddy fiddler is trotted out today to tell us all about the Utopia he and his ilk have been building for us for decades. The reality of the Dante vision of hell it is for us little people is just not a factor. Great wealth, fame and power to he and his fellow deviants is all he knows. The calamatious nightmare this pretend socialist and his fellow, cunning, political bubble dwellers have created is just not visible to these snobs. Individuals whose arrogance and stupidity is as invisible to them as we, in their minds, sewer rats, are.
Here is a Eurocrat for whom his privileged and nepotistic life is no more than he deserves yet condemns those less fortunate to the yoke of slavery The EU federal dream is really about. Piano wire is wasted on these  standard bearers but this short video ought to be compulsive viewing for all those who crave power and wealth at the expense of others.


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