Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Climate Industry fails.

Or Is It Too Big To Fail?

What a morning of contradictory issues. This piece of pure common sense slams smack into this arrant rubbish. The Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security is a giant and expensive, self-interested, global quango. One of its leading snouts at the table is our very own Sir John Beddington. Exactly one of the wealthy, scaremongering, leftie placement figures spoken of in the first link.

Just as with the banking collapse we are being forced to face penury, cold and hunger not through "climate change", carbon emissions or other natural phenomenon but through the business created in carbon trading and fossil fuel price inflation. Every ignorant, pig headed plonker from Ghastly Gore to Hoon of Huhnes, via Bliar, Brown, Cameron et al, should be forced to read and then eat and swallow the first linked article.

That article gives us scarce relief from the endless diatribe of fear politics, so typically shown in the second link. Savour the contrast while you can. Dissent will be squashed, mark my words.


  1. You're correct OldRightie - that Financial Post commentary is pure common sense.

    But it's long been obvious that the climate change scam is all about the politics of control and putting more of our money in the hands of the bankers and their chums. Talking sense - or even science! - doesn't appear to have any effect at all.

    Unfortunately, I think the answer to your question about the scam being too big to fail may be in the affirmative although I have high hopes that Australia will follow Canada's lead in rejecting carbon taxing. We're a bit of a lost cause in Europe but if the rest of the world shows some commonsense, maybe - just maybe - we'll have to follow suit.


  2. PS And when reality intrudes, the warmists prefer suppression rather than open debate:


  3. "We're a bit of a lost cause in Europe " but if The UK went it alone and dumped Huhne...... Ah, perchance to dream.