Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever Stopped To Wonder............

Why American Leaders Adore An EU Federal State?

One might suggest that since the genocidal occupation of North America, (a debate discussed in this essay, with a dab of whitewash, naturally), The American passion to get in touch with their roots involves also creating a similar pattern to their own historic settlement. However the open savage conflict and racial hatred engendered back then is quietly hidden under the rocks and stones inhabited by the despots seeking this creation of an Americanised Europe.
There is also an even greater problem for these Bilderbergers. Communication and dissent. The latter from the powerful but in the past downtrodden nations such as China and to a degree Russia. The fraudulent practices of the West and its most, at one time, powerful leader, was done via such criminal corruption and deceit over its own people, let alone the world, that today's failings were inevitable. It is ironic that Afghanistan was the forerunner of Russian freedom from their USSR dictatorship but may be the destruction of The West's construct. That will and is, of course the direction The EU juggernaut is headed. That gigantic cliff of debt is as big as The Grand Canyon and our brakes are very much shot. Thank you all involved for the most spectacular cliff hangar for centuries!

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