Monday, June 4, 2012

No Lessons Ever Learnt.

Too Much Arrogant Hubris At Stake.

He's not alone. From Bliar, through Brown via Clegg and Cameron and onto Merkel, Sarkozy and worst of all The EU ghastly Barosso and Rompuy, coupled with the dreadful Martin Schulz.

All of them fiddled as the debt fuelled fires of banker fraud burnt into a  final burst of collapsing phosphorous flame with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

What was their stupid solution? More of the same fuelling of these brightly burning fires with very short lives. That is to say more debt and money printing. Not one moment was the thought of compensating the foolish but ignorant personal indebtedness.

The obscene wealth still hoarded by the very perpetrators of the home loan ponzi schemes and mad financial instrument trading, is still, in the main, held by the crooks and shysters. The punishment is meted out to the rest of us. This is the stagnating result.

Well, this continued more of the same worthless bearer junk bond rubbish is just not working. If you want growth you need consumers. Free them of their onerous tax burdens and extorted borrowing liabilities, nicked from their back pockets by sleights of hand, you might turn things around.

More "Federal Europe" and more robbing the richer North to service the poorer South won't help. It'll just drag everybody down. A richer North will, through natural means, help the South. not least with tourism and property buying that's not pre-dedicated on massive borrowing. As ever, it's buy now pay later that's ruling the thinking and the need to protect "friends".

Until the "people" are recompensed for the arrogance of those who got us into this mess, nought will change, lessons will remain unlearned. Drop the EUSSR dream, pull out of unwinnable and immoral conflicts and look to your own nests. Let those who care to tidy their own habitat get to choose who visits and who gets to be welcome. Stop interfering, just as a start towards a Planet of sensible states and leaders not coveting their neighbours assets. is it so bloody difficult to learn?


  1. Think you've just about summed it up there, OR.

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