Friday, March 2, 2012

Yet Another Convenient Death?

There Are Conspiracies And There Are Theories.

Whatever  the issues surrounding Obama, it's getting very disturbing. Not least where did he originate? Naturally many, many people are very quick to pour scorn on conspiracy theories. One major word used is "paranoid".

Nevertheless, if we examine the financial meltdown post 9/11, it must be agreed that that was an economic destruction, every bit as it was a violent terrorist act. Add to this the rise and rise of Muslim emigration worldwide, the Koran's call to colonise the Globe looks eerily underway.  I am of an age where this coming to fruition is most likely long after I am gone. However I would be pleased if it were a recognised possibility and steps taken to protect the better aspects of Western culture and destroy the barbaric, misogynistic aspects of Islam.

Sometimes the apparent excesses and awfulness of  The West's under classes makes one yearn for something more disciplined and better. Even so, I see in Christian teaching a great deal more to offer freedom of spirit than any other.

Sadly those values no longer exist in the corridors of power. As ever greed and corruption pervades the halls of those who regard their rights on Earth paramount to others. Thus the ends justify the means. As in the David Kelly case and I suspect in the Breitbart death, we may never know. One thing I do know, The USA is not what it was before Obama. For all its flaws previously it looks even more grubby than ever. I find that very sad.


  1. I was thinking the same thing OR. I would put nothing past this guy.
    Well, Ab has VIDEO and other things that will go out in 7 - 10 days regardless of what they did to him.

    You are correct, the USA has gone into the toilet since Jan. 2009, and if we get 4 more years, you can flush it goodbye.

  2. The World changed with 9/11, Bunni. We missed a chance to prove our cultural strength and it's cost us dearly.