Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Enslavemt.

Marching To The Ovens.

Jews are forced to undress prior to their execution by Latvian police on the beach near Liepaja. 

Just look at this dreadful picture very carefully. An almost matter of fact scene disguising the terrible horror it represents. A further picture is of children stumbling to their  execution, indeed  State sanctioned murder, look hard at this surreal and nightmare situation. 

Both pictures represent utter despair and total loss of hope, dignity or humanity. Just place your own mind in theirs. Impossible, isn't it? Well this awful atrocity was decreed by an all powerful, mighty state. It has been the  blighted behaviour of "man's inhumanity to man" forever. It always begins with the crazed political obsessions of one or several individuals.

When these despicable creatures get a grip on power the next step is to infect the legions they will require to fulfil their needs. Such as these. Just one example as to how the disease of sadism is recruited for evil causes. So often these "causes" have been presented through incessant propaganda as the "only" way.

Thus only a small effort is needed to recognise the fanatical pursuit of an "only way". Whatever means are used to stamp this authority on an unwilling peoples is first enshrined in legalese and then punished accordingly. Eventually persuasion through indoctrination has to give way to the scenes above.

If you can hold onto the horror and then listen to the seemingly benign clip below you might, just might glimpse the connection. It would seem however that such a glimpse, such an awareness of what may well lie ahead, is beyond the pliant, uncaring masses. Even beyond their pompous and dismissive politicians. The latter so willing to embed The EU State in the certainty that their families and women will not face the fate I have shown They may get, in the years ahead, a very nasty surprise.

So back to the clip. One man cries mournfully for a halt to the dark future that is inevitable when directed under the auspices of the second. The latter's words are, behind the legalese, a death knell to any hope of democracy. His body language and words are, if you carefully listen and watch, pointing inevitably to the scenes in the photographs. Many will laugh at such comparisons. Just as happened in the 1930s the majority failed to see what was coming. It suited them not to. Ring any bells?


  1. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    We are on the fast track to hell right now.

    I've noticed many workplaces are using the Kapo model. They pit all workers against eachother, to get more productivity. 95% of the workers are lying, creepy weasels who will make up stuff, and snitch out their "friends", to curry favor with the nazi overlords. The destruction is in overdrive. I wish I was retired, but at this rate, I'll be lucky to retire at 90, if I live that long.

  2. A reminder of this too:
    Unproductive people are a liability; yes, limit people who are taking the pss, but inevitably this falls on the soft target and falls on those who cannot fight back, do not have a voice and often the most genuinely in need.

  3. Many will not deal with reality.

    The circle goes around.

    Take care and do the best you can,

  4. My still niggling chest infection caused me to miss these kind contributions, for which I apologise. AB, so much gets repeated, doesn't it. Yvonne,also a chilling reminder from history. Mike, if it's just a tiny cry it might still be heard somehow, somewhere.

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