Monday, June 6, 2011

A start to Blogging

It's all down to money, believe it or not.

It started with a frank discussion with my eldest daughter about the money she owed to credit card companies and banks. I endeavoured to attempt to help her as best as I could. After a bit of research I found an internet forum that purported to have a formula to regain the high charges that were being levied on her. However that forum was infested with Moderators that knew best, even when they were proved wrong so I left that forum when I was invited to join a new forum made up of those dissatisfied with the forum I'd left.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a member there, and with the exchange of experience I managed to claw back a large amount of money for my daughter (Bye the way Santander, you’re quite useless. You didn’t actually need to reimburse my daughter twice!). I also helped claw money back for others caught in the same predicament.

After eighteen months there, with many online friends, they opened an internal blogspot. This is where I found I could let my thoughts expand and run riot. Eventually I realised that I was only writing to a narrow audience that didn't understand my passion for writing about other than bank penalty charges. Not their fault at all. They were wonderful people doing a sterling job. But I had to move on.

Somehow I came across Blogger, and with great trepidation wrote my first post. This of course, was a heap of manure, but it is was my first foray into the Blogosphere. And have I learnt so much, in so little time. I've had to learn to add hyperlinks, imbed video and pictures, make up a blogroll, try and answer comments in polite and erudite way, and so much more.

Luckily I found out most of these from other bloggers who have been keen to help new bloggers. I'd like to pay a little tribute to those bloggers that have opened my eyes to the sheer delusion that politicians are here to serve us, the climate change scam, that there are fake charities, useless bloodsucking quangos, the EU and its money stealing devices, and numerous other issues of which the general public seem unaware.

I can never match the top bloggers, but I'll do my best to improve and stay the course. And you and I know it. The Blogosphere is grinding the MSM into the dust in a slow but inexorable way.


  1. 'Mony a mickle maks a muckle' FE.

  2. "I can never match the top bloggers, but I'll do my best to improve and stay the course."
    Even if there are top bloggers, I don't think anyone needs to match them. Every time someone takes the plunge and records their dissatisfaction via a weblog, it's a small gesture of dissatisfaction and dissent. More than a match for the MSM, I feel.

  3. SR. They didn't teach me scottish at school.

    MG. I'm convinced that the country is going to the dogs. Maybe this humble blogger can do a little to stop the slide into oblivion.

  4. Most blogging is part of a family with all the good old fashioned family loyalties and camaraderie once common in society now very scarce. As you point out, FE, the MSM are part of the problem these days and deserve to fail.

  5. Quantity is its own quality. Don't compare yourself against the MSM with their formulaic 5W articles, house styles and fear of upsetting the comfortable status quo. Write what you consider is important and you light another candle in the darkness.