Monday, May 20, 2013

Where's The Clamour?

Over Failed Climate Policies?

It's becoming a daily event, for the likes of Mandleson and Milbad Minor, to offer guilty pleas for their "crimes" whilst in Office. Albeit Bliar still clings to his faith in all things Tone, be it Iraq or Afghanistan.

So this bombshell tossed into the AGW, it's all our fault, climate change arena, is surely worthy of greater publicity? This post is sensational. As is the link to this one. From the latter and Watt's post I quote

 " There is little doubt that the damage being done by climate-change policies currently exceeds the damage being done by climate change, and will for several decades yet. Hunger, rainforest destruction, excess cold-weather deaths and reduced economic growth are all exacerbated by the rush to biomass and wind. These dwarf any possible effects of worse weather, for which there is still no actual evidence anyway: recent droughts, floods and storms are within historic variability."

Here we are, brow beaten, subjugated and being robbed blind by our Lords and Masters, on false science, greedy self interest and collusion to defraud, on an immense scale. Not least by the likes of Huhne. What is so startling is the manner in which tax revenues and utility shareholders are united in a rip off of gargantuan levels. Whilst, as in Dr Ridley's article, the disadvantaged, weak and vulnerable are being tormented by relentless demands for reparation for damages caused by those purporting to superior knowledge and power.

As with mass migration, common currency failure and a whole litany of glaring mistakes and incompetence, the nightmare continues unabated. Understanding and enlightenment, such as to be garnered from this level of science, is not as required by the legion of bandwagon profiteers. Hence the deafening silence from the top. Led as ever by the BBC's failure to promote something so at odds with their own agendas. Let anyone who will listen be made aware of these facts and new evidence. Being a climate sceptic, as with a Euro one, is the place to be. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surely A Good Moment?

To Consider Climate Change.

“To this end, the scientific research is organised around a set of scientific themes, covering climate observations, understanding climate processes and extremes, climate model development and evaluation, and climate prediction.” So we are advised by an organisation we pay dearly for. This smug preamble boasts of how it's funded with not even a nod towards the poor, frozen, downtrodden tax payer. 

No BBC reporting of this, however. Nor any acknowledgement from our smuglets at the Met Office. Hundreds, maybe thousands of State funded employees who have and continue to scare the beejesus out of us. Yet never ever owning up to the kind of mistakes on which their quack computer models are based. 

Richard's blog gives us a broad hint as to why this Met Office Quango is a damaging and expensive nightmare. To garner executive careers and big bucks, the boring boffins in this organisation set out to corner the market in perceived expertise. This then was and still is sold around the globe and listened to with hushed reverence by those who see nought but garlanded robes of pomp and glory adorning these very naked and exposed Emperors.

However their less than well proven science, glaring assumptions and inadequate testing of their theoretical assumptions has endangered us all. They seek to manipulate reality to fit already unchangeable and expensive models. Climate and meteorology are ever changing and no computer model can ever cope with the variability of planetary and solar influences.

To commit energy policies to a pseudo climate industry advisory expertise of dubious quality has been abject folly and failure. Coal and its value to our energy needs has been subordinated to the old days of Union control and the understandable desire to neuter those "Scargill" nasty activities. This self same necessity to confront unrealistic trade union behaviour, also marred a once powerful motor car industry.

Interestingly that latter productive side of the UK economy is returning in some strength. So far unfettered by the stupidity of the bully boy trade union nastiness. That is now reserved for the public service cadres since that sector became the largest employer under Labour. The natural consequence of that meant trade unions took over and have made public services the new "British Leyland" nest for left wing socialist storm troopers.

I digress. As this drawn out winter continues to astound in its severity and cold, the slavish adherence to a perceived warming agenda has left us bereft of energy policy and secure warmth. Whatever is done to redress that balance its lateness will cost many more thousands of lives. Add to the already genocidal leanings of David Nicholson's NHS strategies for the elderly and the glaringly careless failings of our climatology investment and the manner in which we are all put at needless risk is obvious.

The very purpose of Government to protect its people has failed. No more so than the manner in which policy for climate and energy has enriched the already wealthy and the very death of the frail and elderly. A scandalous state of affairs for which no one is likely to be held accountable. As with the NHS, so with the Met Office. Two cheeks of a very mediocre butt!

For sensible and genuinely scientifically challenging climate and meteorology you may well care to browse this front page.  Tells us more than decades of Al Gore's wealth and self enrichment diatribes and nonsense.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Help needed from smokers.

Copied from the “Taking Liberties site”
The Department of Health is currently reviewing over 700,000 responses to the consultation on standardised packaging. Half a million names (235,000 of them submitted by Forest) are estimated to be opposed to plain packs.
Despite our best efforts many MPs appear oblivious to the size or nature of that extraordinary response. Hence we need YOUR help to tell YOUR member of parliament why they should oppose plain packaging.
To make it easy we have created a special standalone website, Say No To Plain Packs. All you have to do is:
1. Visit
2. Enter your postcode
3. Click 'Next'
4. Enter your name and address
5. Click 'Submit'
To make the letter as personal as possible we recommend that you add a comment in the relevant box (but it's not essential).
Please do it NOW! It should take no more than a minute of your time.
See also today's Forest e-bulletin, Say No To Plain Packs!.
To register for Forest alerts join our mailing list here.
Web buttons (such as the one above) are available for websites and blogs. If you want one email
Anti-smokers need not apply.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Following On From 28th Gate.

More Evidence Of Hidden Agenda Politics Surfaces.

I was unable to post this on The Engineers post comment section,  for some unknown reason. However this is a must read from Christopher Booker.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It would appear that the BBC seem to want to cover up almost everything they do. The latest is about a climate change seminar that was held to discuss reporting Anthropogenic Global warming (AGW) as it was called back then in 2006.

 One interested blogger, by the name of Tony Newbery, who runs the Harmless Sky blog, happened to read a BBC report called From Seesaw to Wagon Wheel. What he found on page 40 was this:

 The BBC has held a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts, and has come to the view that the weight of evidence no longer justifies equal space being given to the opponents of the consensus [on anthropogenic climate change].

 So Tony decided to put in a request under the FOIA to find out who attended the seminar. However he ran into a stone wall as the BBC fought tooth and nail to stop him from finding out who had attended the seminar. eventually he lost at the tribunal stage.

 But this is not the end of the story. Another Blogger Maurizio Morabito had spent countless hours searching the Internet Wayback machine and found the list. This list is now published on his blog.

 There are some interesting participants who have a stake in promoting AGW: I’m not sure why this man is there. Jon Plowman, Head of Comedy Maybe he was there to entertain over lunch or something. As far as I can see there is only one true sceptic on the list. The majority have a stake in AGW promotion.

Europe Burns.

Scenes Reminiscent Of The Swecond World War!

It's unlikely the clowns in Brussels will listen. Even to their beloved trade unions. It will have to be much worse, with this anger so fierce the ignorant bureaucrats will be forced to dismantle their cosy cartels. That, or we shall see the equivalent actions as we know happened in the French and more recent  Russian revolutions. Sadly the innocents even slightly associated with the Barroso and Rompuy types will suffer.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still Nothing Changes.

This Post Could Easily Be Attached To The Last.

Here you will find more of where the money went. Why the fat Greek slob above has chosen to make available the "list" of crooks involved is uncertain. One thing shines out from the Slog's excellent post is how shafted we all have and continue to be. The likes of Mandleson and so many others' culpable and fraudulent activity, beggars belief.

As ever, what really goes on we may never know but revolutionary disclosures will help. Long may the ensuing scandals grow so large as to consume the pederasts, the thieves, tax dodgers and those who believe their good fortune to be with the "in crowd" gives them godly, (satanic, more like) powers. This EU, New World Order possible collapse just might make so much hurt actually worthwhile!

Monday, June 4, 2012

No Lessons Ever Learnt.

Too Much Arrogant Hubris At Stake.

He's not alone. From Bliar, through Brown via Clegg and Cameron and onto Merkel, Sarkozy and worst of all The EU ghastly Barosso and Rompuy, coupled with the dreadful Martin Schulz.

All of them fiddled as the debt fuelled fires of banker fraud burnt into a  final burst of collapsing phosphorous flame with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

What was their stupid solution? More of the same fuelling of these brightly burning fires with very short lives. That is to say more debt and money printing. Not one moment was the thought of compensating the foolish but ignorant personal indebtedness.

The obscene wealth still hoarded by the very perpetrators of the home loan ponzi schemes and mad financial instrument trading, is still, in the main, held by the crooks and shysters. The punishment is meted out to the rest of us. This is the stagnating result.

Well, this continued more of the same worthless bearer junk bond rubbish is just not working. If you want growth you need consumers. Free them of their onerous tax burdens and extorted borrowing liabilities, nicked from their back pockets by sleights of hand, you might turn things around.

More "Federal Europe" and more robbing the richer North to service the poorer South won't help. It'll just drag everybody down. A richer North will, through natural means, help the South. not least with tourism and property buying that's not pre-dedicated on massive borrowing. As ever, it's buy now pay later that's ruling the thinking and the need to protect "friends".

Until the "people" are recompensed for the arrogance of those who got us into this mess, nought will change, lessons will remain unlearned. Drop the EUSSR dream, pull out of unwinnable and immoral conflicts and look to your own nests. Let those who care to tidy their own habitat get to choose who visits and who gets to be welcome. Stop interfering, just as a start towards a Planet of sensible states and leaders not coveting their neighbours assets. is it so bloody difficult to learn?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Shameron Speech today.

Ghastly Quisling Weakling.

A loyal salute.

Cameron looks to use Britain to stop  euro break-up
With apologies to (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron will promise on Thursday to do whatever is needed to protect Europe's economy and banks from a break-up. and will urge leaders of the single currency bloc to use me to "sort out its problems".
Cameron's remarks, in a speech to business leaders in northwest England, are likely to appear to  irritate European leaders trying to keep the euro zone intact as Greece prepares for a new imposed dictatorship and struggles to cope with its EU created debt crisis.
Britain's Conservative-led coalition has long pretended to blame its own economic woes on the turbulence in Europe, its alleged main trading partner, though critics say Cameron's tough austerity measures have also helped push Britain back into recession this year in solidarity with Europe.
Cameron, under pressure to appease the seemingly unruly anti-European Union wing of his Conservative party, pretended to block an EU economic pact last year that was supposed to help shore up the euro zone. Seventeen of the 27 EU members - but not Britain, as yet - use the euro currency.
"Either Europe has a committed, stable, successful euro zone with an effective firewall, well capitalised and regulated banks, a system of fiscal burden sharing, and supportive monetary policy - or we are in uncharted territory which carries huge risks for everybody but we Eurocrats, as ever." Cameron will say, according to extracts from his speech released in advance.
"As I have consistently said, it is in our Establishment's interest for the euro zone to sort out its problems. Be in no doubt: whichever path is chosen, I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect this Federal dream and secure our economy and financial system, even at The British peoples' continued expense"
The Bank of England said on Wednesday it had been planning for the possibility of a euro zone break-up for some time, with a focus on what banks should do to protect themselves. This however was only as a philosophical exercise.
Cameron and his finance minister George Osborne, who are still not slashing government spending as part of a five-year stay in power pretend austerity plan, have made a point of seeming to lecture their European neighbours on the need to get their public finances in order.
A return to recession in Britain in order to stay in step with Europe,  has led to demands for Osborne to soften his pretend austerity plan, but the government has said that financial markets would not tolerate any deviation from the course they have set in protecting The EU.
"We must resist dangerous voices calling on us to retreat," Cameron will say.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The ‘Real’ Jubilee Speech from Her Majesty

To my Loyal Lords and Commons, Greetings on this day which is to celebrate my Jubilee.
I was invited to address you upon the unveiling of the window which is draped behind me, the same window which was funded by both My Houses of Parliament.
As this is indeed a special day, We thought that, instead of issuing the usual platitudes which I have been handed to read as in times past, We thought that it might be a treat for my many millions of British subjects to hear my speaking a few home truths to the people who have been entrusted with the Governing of my Kingdom.
We find that we have been betrayed by a succession of, We hesitate to use the term ‘Governments’, as the last thing which has been done in Our Name is governing. Beginning with the traitor Heath, who lied, lied and lied again to achieve his goal of membership of the European Common Market, and moving on from that tragedy. Our Sovereignty was diminished from that day, and the effects of this traitor’s actions, as the decades have proven, have proved to be truly disastrous for the British Isles and for this United Kingdom.

That succeeding Governments, of both Conservative and Labour Parties, have both continued and increased the levels of intrusive and totally-undemocratic intrusion in British affairs by the cancerous and totalitarian European Union, to such an extent that there is hardly anything left that My Government can achieve without reference to their political masters in Brussels.

It is true that a very few of the politicians who served in Government were against further involvement in the machinations of the Brussels elite, but even the best of my Prime Ministers, my good friend Baroness Margaret Thatcher did little to defend My Realm against the remorseless advance of the ‘Colleagues’ from the organisation which an acquaintance has titled the E.U.S.S.R. Perhaps she spoke truly when she stated that she had been misled over the true effects of the Single European Act, but unfortunately the Act was placed before Me, and We had to sign it, because it was a lawful piece of legislation from My Parliament.

But the most significant damage to My Realm was achieved under the governance of the traitor Blair, under whose hand and rule came forth the damaging legislation of Devolution, and now We see the results, as the demagogues have snatched the majority in Edinburgh, and are threatening the dissolution of the United Kingdom. We have also seen the lunacies perpetrated by the inclusion of a foreign Court as arbiter in our own judicial system, the slow strangling of our remaining industries under the dead hand of a Brussels bureaucracy which never, ever forgets; not forgetting the strange sights of terrorists, murderers and rapists allowed to stay in these lands because their ‘rights’ might be damaged if they were deported.
We also had to sit and watch as the same murderous scum who murdered my wonderful uncle were welcomed into the devolved Assembly of Northern Ireland, and We were forced to welcome their representatives into our own House of Commons, instead of watching happily as they were swung high from gibbets.
We, as the Constitutional Monarch, had to watch as the Labour Government altered the whole nature of many of our towns and cities with the importation of millions of foreigners under the guise of immigration rules which did nothing but dilute and destroy the very essence of what it is to be British. They have given passports to any who asked, and to many who did not deserve; but the greatest crime is the importation of a whole bloc of adherents to a religion which despises the very freedoms which We have espoused and welcomed.

Our Governments have sat and betrayed our Armed Forces, by both action and inaction. They have left our servicemen and women without protection from danger by the purchase and distribution of ineffective armoured vehicles when what was needed was available but totally ignored. The Royal Navy, once the most effective and feared in the world, has been reduced to little more than a coastal defence force, and for not a large length of coast either. Through the machinations of an overpaid clique of so-called civil servants masquerading in the Ministry of Defence, Our Air Force has been sliced almost to the bone, with aircraft worth billions sent to the scrap[yard before even being flown in anger.

We have watched in quiet horror as a succession of illiberal Laws have passed across our palace desk awaiting My signature, a signature which was written but grudgingly, and under a mute protest. We watched as a Labour Government wasted billions on computerised projects which could and would never have worked, as well as divining Laws which would reduce the freedoms evolved and enjoyed over many centuries. We also watched as this present so-called Coalition Government also took steps to reduce those same freedoms, all in the sacred name of ‘security’.

In ending this short speech, I would like to thank the caterers for the food and drinks provided for the reception which preceded this event, but regret that they are based in South-Eastern Romania. This last is of course because my Houses of Parliament have to comply with E.U. requirements that all such events be sent to tender in all member nations of the European Union. The food itself was unremarkable, but somehow I do not feel that the Romanian catering company fully understands what a ‘Cucumber sandwich’ actually represents to any Briton, in that We always wish to see the cucumbers sliced.

H/T to A Tangled Web & Fire, Pillage & Plague

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yet Another Convenient Death?

There Are Conspiracies And There Are Theories.

Whatever  the issues surrounding Obama, it's getting very disturbing. Not least where did he originate? Naturally many, many people are very quick to pour scorn on conspiracy theories. One major word used is "paranoid".

Nevertheless, if we examine the financial meltdown post 9/11, it must be agreed that that was an economic destruction, every bit as it was a violent terrorist act. Add to this the rise and rise of Muslim emigration worldwide, the Koran's call to colonise the Globe looks eerily underway.  I am of an age where this coming to fruition is most likely long after I am gone. However I would be pleased if it were a recognised possibility and steps taken to protect the better aspects of Western culture and destroy the barbaric, misogynistic aspects of Islam.

Sometimes the apparent excesses and awfulness of  The West's under classes makes one yearn for something more disciplined and better. Even so, I see in Christian teaching a great deal more to offer freedom of spirit than any other.

Sadly those values no longer exist in the corridors of power. As ever greed and corruption pervades the halls of those who regard their rights on Earth paramount to others. Thus the ends justify the means. As in the David Kelly case and I suspect in the Breitbart death, we may never know. One thing I do know, The USA is not what it was before Obama. For all its flaws previously it looks even more grubby than ever. I find that very sad.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safe European homes: After the crash

The Kopp Publishing Company recently held a series of lectures in Germany to discuss the impending doom of the EU and the chocolate pennies which currently pass for its currency. It was an ensemble piece of financiers, economists and casino bankers, but amidst the advice and prognostication came a warning which I suspect a lot of writers outside the MSM know perfectly well to be accurate:

"[Udo] Ulfkotte warned of impending unrest in Europe, which we can also expect in Germany. Many in the hall gasped when the secret service expert reported: Unnoticed by media and public, 'special action forces are being prepared all over Europe to forcefully put down the expected social protests. Until a few days ago, reported the ex-correspondent of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), not even the parliamentary representatives charged with responsibility for control of the secret services had known that there has for years been a secret European organization of informants whose target above all is EU opponents and critics. “The work groups form cross-border teams, which, for example, are supposed to observe potential ringleaders and plant contact people in their environment.'"

[Hat tip: Gates of Vienna]

When the grand guignol debacle of the EU finally hits the tarmac with its undercarriage firmly locked in the stowed position, there will be blood. Our police, of course, showed themselves to be utterly useless during last summer's rioting. European police, however, the forces of naturally fascist countries such as Spain, Italy and France, will not spare the night-stick and might be less inclined to act like social workers on a lunchbreak from their latest racial diversity course.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Dear!

The EU Looking Very Wobbly!

Right on their doorstep! No BBC coverage, of course!

Right on their doorstep and in the middle of the beloved EU AGW weather of deep, bone chilling weather! Add to this the German's apparent desire to dump Greece, after having brought them to this point and suddenly the edifice is cracking!  Add this gem  patriotic policemen , an anathema to the EU Dictatorship and it really is getting bumpy!

It may well be that as more and more "States" struggle to clothe, feed and shelter their citizens, due to the oppressive and deluded scams of this unelected nightmare in Brussels, the tinder box will ignite big time. After all the imagined wealth of the EU largesse is all built on worthless paper. That bog rol has then been "loaned" to keep German and French business ticking along.

Now this ridiculous behaviour is exposed. They can huff and puff, print more toilet paper but when all's said and done the real wealth and value stems from the work and or the savings of its people. Suddenly these very people are asking questions as to what the cretins have done and are doing, with the remaining dregs of their citizens holdings.

What is needed is a period of isolation and a reduction of useless central control. If they don't break up the EU soon, it will be done for them. Indeed it's already happening. God speed to all those fighting at last this political and corporate cartel of imbeciles.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Enslavemt.

Marching To The Ovens.

Jews are forced to undress prior to their execution by Latvian police on the beach near Liepaja. 

Just look at this dreadful picture very carefully. An almost matter of fact scene disguising the terrible horror it represents. A further picture is of children stumbling to their  execution, indeed  State sanctioned murder, look hard at this surreal and nightmare situation. 

Both pictures represent utter despair and total loss of hope, dignity or humanity. Just place your own mind in theirs. Impossible, isn't it? Well this awful atrocity was decreed by an all powerful, mighty state. It has been the  blighted behaviour of "man's inhumanity to man" forever. It always begins with the crazed political obsessions of one or several individuals.

When these despicable creatures get a grip on power the next step is to infect the legions they will require to fulfil their needs. Such as these. Just one example as to how the disease of sadism is recruited for evil causes. So often these "causes" have been presented through incessant propaganda as the "only" way.

Thus only a small effort is needed to recognise the fanatical pursuit of an "only way". Whatever means are used to stamp this authority on an unwilling peoples is first enshrined in legalese and then punished accordingly. Eventually persuasion through indoctrination has to give way to the scenes above.

If you can hold onto the horror and then listen to the seemingly benign clip below you might, just might glimpse the connection. It would seem however that such a glimpse, such an awareness of what may well lie ahead, is beyond the pliant, uncaring masses. Even beyond their pompous and dismissive politicians. The latter so willing to embed The EU State in the certainty that their families and women will not face the fate I have shown They may get, in the years ahead, a very nasty surprise.

So back to the clip. One man cries mournfully for a halt to the dark future that is inevitable when directed under the auspices of the second. The latter's words are, behind the legalese, a death knell to any hope of democracy. His body language and words are, if you carefully listen and watch, pointing inevitably to the scenes in the photographs. Many will laugh at such comparisons. Just as happened in the 1930s the majority failed to see what was coming. It suited them not to. Ring any bells?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Plagues And Disease Have No Boundaries.

A looters group photograph.

You expect corruption to be rife in the town halls of our blighted and miserable cities. But this black death of morality is sadly, like all diseases, not confined to those bastions of greed, nepotism and patronage. Even in the sleepy town of Leominster and the rest of  Herefordshire, with its wide pastures and green fields, rolling countryside and idyllic settings, we see the looting and corruption so beloved of our political classes.

Maybe this plague on a poor, sparsely populated and trusting environment was introduced by an urban, smug and superior class of animal, eptitomised by North Herefordshire MP, Bill Wiggin and wholly embraced by its dubious "nasty party" Conservative Association.

Let's look briefly at the stomach churning goings on - all a matter of public record.

The Conservatives took control of Herefordshire County Council back in 2007. They shared a coalition with Independent Councillors in the four years prior to that. Councillor Roger Phillips was the council leader for eight years. After 2007 he shared that leadership with his Deputy, Mrs June French, a retired council officer  from  London.

Notwithstanding generous allowances for those heady posts, such largesse for their "public service" obviously was not enough. As with council officials and their elected thieves and looters all over the land, it was decided the battering ram to break down the doors of morality and decency would be in the form of "limited companies" created by the council. Their friends, developers and a whole host of nefarious contacts, not least chief executives, were seduced by the lure of secretive jobs and placements, well hidden from the decent but gullible victims of their cash cows.

I give you just two examples. A veritable tip of the iceberg our weak local and national press fail to determine or are part of. Hereford Futures Limited, members include Mr Roger Phillips. A little more spadework might determine his remuneration and status. An enterprise formed from his time as Leader of The Council. A major remit of this "limited to pals and moneybags" Company is a massive building development in the heart of Hereford City. Since this post was first considered Mr Charles Ingleby and Councillor Roger Phillips have both terminated their directorships! However the new Council leader and Chief Executive remain directors. What, I wonder are their remunerations? Bull earns a massive six figure salary and significant pension entitlements. Jarvis will be on very large incomes from his councillor expenses, committee and leadership emoluments.

On the board are city speculator friends, property developers and those blessed with secretive powers and influence. I'm sure deep in the bowels of this "mint" root will be some startling names.

Then let's look at Phillip's former Deputy Leader, Mrs June French. Her altruistic yearnings were thrown hastily away in May, 2011 as she quietly stepped down after many years in Herefordshire Council. One of her last portfolio enterprises was the creation of yet another "limited" Company. Limited to friends and cohorts, of course. Though taking on board the newly stood down Deputy leader, in accordance with "the rules" this expensive advert had to be taken out! Jobs for the boys and girls.

Another dubious character in this pantomime of corruption is Annie Caulder. Note this,

 "Senior stakeholders have been involved throughout and subject to final approval from JMT, HHT management team, Cabinet, PCT and Trust Boards in September, a procurement exercise for one or more strategic partners can commence. We estimate that at best we will have implemented the new arrangements by Spring 2010 and at the latest by Summer 2010. To make the change and do it within these aggressive time scales we will 
need to rapidly build a transition team that includes; commercial, programme management, human 
resources and change management skills. We intend to appoint a commercial manager and shared services director as early as possible."

That is taken from this document. One wholly written by Ms Caulder. An exercise overseen by the "Cabinet", of which Ms June French was Deputy Leader member.

Search deeper and you see Bull, the Chief Executive and his friends on several private company boards. Now even on a Council's Chief Executive  salary of £226,700, you can bet payments are made for these positions elsewhere. Quite disgustingly dreadful greed.
Then we hear of  this. No qualms whatsoever of stating the architect of this Company as a councillor is now its chairman! Furthermore the priapic Bull is also on board! 

This location gives a splendid flavour of that rather nasty taste. Undoubtedly tip of an iceberg.  Just to add further to the symptoms of this plague, the author of the link was hounded from his home and forced into "purdah" because he dared to challenge these looters. Censure documents were forged by town councillors against his efforts to quell this outbreak of black corruption.

Particularly their probable Brigand in Chief, Wiggin. More public outcry, well whimpering, is here: read and weep. As a sidebar, Brigadier Peter Jones, forger in chief of Leominster, County Councillor and another "grab what you can" and run away from any spotlight, looter, was also found to be receiving many thousands of pounds in expenses for his "volunteer" work! His sign off on those payments, a council employee, resigned smartly to protect his pension, when challenged.A further issue and scary scenario is highlighted here.

So there you have it. If Herefordshire is this mired in such raping of the public purse, how many billions are we seeing looted nationwide? I would suggest, collectively, enough to considerably reduce our £150 billion deficit, such is the scale of this accepted criminality and fraudulent gang of "robber barons".

Herefordshire people are poor by national standards. They are vulnerable to these blow ins with their endemic, urban trained corrupt practices. People probably deluded enough to feel superior in their expertise. I suppose they are when it comes to multi-million pound rip offs of this weak and poor County. Sadly it just mirrors British bureaucracy from top to bottom. I just pray they have difficulty sleeping and hiding their tax liabilities.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Very Simple Guide To The European Union.

It Was Stupid In The First Place.

Now, after billions of articles, opinions and wasted wealth, It's 

As Fucked As It Ever Was!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Salvage is worth the price.

Whatever The Salvage.

Even as a group they are behaving differently!

"To operate successfully, the ERM requires broadly convergent inflation rates in participating countries.5 However, different productivity growth rates and convergent inflation rates 'would almost inevitably imply an unequal rate of growth in real incomes' reinforcing pressure on 'employment in the country with a slower real growth rate than in the faster-growing partner.... Thus, ERM membership would involve long-term adjustment costs which might not be politically tolerable, even if such costs could be legitimated by the language of so-called global economic commitments." 

Read this, from which the quote is taken, substitute the euro for ERM and then see how history has taught the idiots but nothing. The constant scaremongering surrounding a collapse of the eurozone single currency is a nonsense. Europe engaged in over five years of mutual destruction on an epic scale. Today's generations have little idea of that horror.

So when contemplating the fear perpetuated by the rubbish which passes for politicians today remember, their only agenda is for themselves and their perceived power and superiority. Sure the collapse of the EU would be bad for them. They could even end up in prison. For the rest of us it's pretty shitty anyway. Little hope for a better future, sod all sense of security and societies throughout Europe beggared by those claiming to know better. Trust me, the sooner this whole shameful project is ditched the better for all of us.

As for those morons who got us here and their corporate and banking pals, all in cahoots with gangsters, piano wire is too good for them!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The folly of the exploiters

A greater German than any living today, Immanuel Kant, posed a simple question in 1781 in his famous Critique of Pure Reason: What can I know? For those of us for whom media studies means studying the media rather than two hungover lectures a week and the occasional special-needs circus of a student demo, it's a good question. But for us, the question reduces to; What will the media let us know?
We now know that the European project was a grand folly, that the Greeks lied about their bona fides in order to ride the gravy train of the euro, that you cannot transmute the base metal of fiscal union into the glittering gold of political union and, oh yes, that the MSM was either clueless about all of this or willingly connived in covering up this Emperor-sized Ponzi scheme.
We also know that anything even vaguely resembling democracy - demos; the people, kratos; power - is viewed by the EU elites as though it were a soiled nappy. The last Greek to tentatively suggest a referendum over EU policy was back tending his olive grove before he could say autos ho Sokrates.
But more than anything we know that our political leaders have a quasi-autistic belief in their own unassailable correctness. The various, increasingly shrill, pronouncements on the inherent rightness and indubitable fortitude of the European project remind me powerfully of the opening to The Qu'ran:

"This book is not to be doubted."

How much more, and for how much longer, will ordinary people be led into socio-economic chaos because of the delusional belief systems of a self-appointed [don't make me laugh by mentioning their respective elections] cabal of Enlightenment deniers?
Almost exactly a century after Kant's masterpiece, in 1880, another great German, Nietzsche, had the following to say in his little-known essay The Wanderer and his Shadow:

"The exploitation of the worker was, it has now been realised, a piece of stupidity, an exhausting of the soil at the expense of the future, an imperilling of society. Now we have already almost a state of war; and the cost of keeping the peace, of concluding treaties and acquiring trust, will henceforth in any event be very great, because the folly of the exploiters was very great and of long duration." [Section 268]

Monday, November 21, 2011

World Leaders' Guide To Debt.

More Debt.

Headlines  offer us this gem, “Markets worldwide have tumbled on fears over global debt  “ and the answer is, “Meanwhile there were reports the European Commission will discuss so-called eurobonds, in which the eurozone issues debt for all its members.”

I am astounded that these idiots can't understand that if you are bowed down and cowed with debt, you have to stop trying to borrow and gamble your way out. These worthless "bonds" are not promises to pay the bearer anymore because it begs the question, "With what".  The answer is future growth earnt by future earnings and production. At least that used to be the plan.

What is not considered is that this plan is no longer valid. Bonds due for maturity now, used in the past to fund vote winning bubbles and booms, are in danger of default today. As Bonkers Midget Byrne said "there's no money left". The cost of building this bankrupt EU is a major factor as to where all the money has gone.

Not only on buildings, bureaucracy and bungs but into a vast web of corruption that is still not fully understood. So what's to happen? My view and one shared by many,  one example here but there are many more, is that it is already in it's death throes.

One thing is for certain, all this debt will cause pain and suffering. Just as post military conflict does. We can but hope that the rich and mighty who have profited so far are forced to suffer with the rest of us. I'm no socialist or communist leftie pillock but surely any sensible brain can figure out that the obscenity of colossal individual fortunes is not enhanced by the starvation and deprivation of millions and millions of human beings. Let's face it, politically motivated, corporate greed has got us to this point. Unless the architects are punished alongside the builders flattened under the rubble of this collapse, there is little hope of a new direction and single storey buildings.

I close with this thought. Globalisation was created to spawn the "Too big to fail" meme. Guess what? It isn't, any more that than the EU. A grand plan, about to show us all that its poor philosophy and its inherent weakness, is run and was created by, small minds. Some things are simply too big. Debt is one of them!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I’ve written about this before. (And no, it’s not a sex tale).
It’s about extracting natural gas from deep shale rock formations. Last Sunday there was a long article in the Daily Mail’s colour supplement.
From the article:
Here are two visions of the future.
The first one lies at the end of a muddy track in the village of Banks, a 20-minute drive from Preston, Lancashire. It consists of a derrick about 60ft high, a few temporary buildings, a generator and some specialist machinery in a fenced square compound.
Powering the derrick and the drill at its centre is an eerily quiet electric motor. Today, on the first Friday of October, the bit it turns at the end of the drill pipe lies about a mile beneath our feet, boring steadily downwards at a rate of up to 500ft a day, depending on the hardness of the strata. It’s heading for a thick deposit of carboniferous shale, a rock made from the compressed mud which lay on a prehistoric seabed more than 300 million years ago, its upper edge some 7,500ft below the dark green fields of ripening cauliflower that surround the compound.
Locked within the fissures inside that rock is an immense quantity of natural gas – virtually pure, unadulterated methane, of a quality so high it could be pumped direct to domestic and industrial users, and to electricity generating stations……………………….
The second vision is taking shape at the end of the Thames Estuary, where the foundations are being laid for the 217 turbines of the London Array, the world’s biggest offshore wind farm.
Covering 90 square miles, this too will have the capacity to generate 1GW (one billion watts). The turbines’ construction has been priced at £2 billion, four times as much as the Kentish gas plant, although this does not include the cost – perhaps a further £500 million – of connecting them to the National Grid, via 300 miles of undersea high-voltage cables.
Without the labyrinthine system of ‘green’ taxes and Government subsidies known as the Renewables Obligation, which is already adding an estimated £100 to the cost of every British household’s electricity bill, and an average 20 per cent to the charges paid by businesses, the wind farm could never be built, because it would be hopelessly uneconomic…………….
Which one do you think makes sense?
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