Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Featured Blog: Adventures in Time Travel

In the circles in which I move, I find that few people are prepared to discuss overtly political issues – on the rare occasions that friends and colleagues take a position, it is usually a view of the world predetermined by an ingrained political allegiance, the only modifications permitted being those scripted by the BBC and/or their daily newspaper of choice.

The emergence of the political blog proved to be a revelation, especially with the commenting facility providing an opportunity to weigh and exchange views. Having our own ingrained views persuasively challenged is enlightening. Having others put into words what we have been feeling is liberating: self-doubt may not entirely disappear but at least we know that we are not alone when holding an opinion that runs counter to the prevailing MSM orthodoxies.

After a long period of deliberation, I began publishing my own blog, Adventures in Time Travel, in March this year. It deals with general political matters affecting the UK in what I hope is a way that contributes to unsettling some of the constructs by which others seek to control us. My blog won't change the world but in conjunction with others, I'd like to think it could eventually play its part.

I write from no particular political perspective - although I'm regularly mistaken for a conservative. I usually start from a position that our entire political system favours interests other than those of the electorate: we desperately need an opposition. I loath political correctness because it is divisive and antithetical to freedom of speech. I'm pro-Europe but anti-EU. I am pro-sanctuary but anti-unfettered immigration. I become especially exercised by injustice, the suppression of our freedoms and the climate scam.

I try to publish at least once a day although weekends and commitments elsewhere may occasionally interfere. And every now and again - usually when Johann Hari writes about climate change - I may suffer a blinding rage that will temporarily inhibit my ability to form a coherent sentence. Comments and conversations are always welcome – so please do drop in when you can.


  1. Superb opening ... I look forward to other bloggers providing their bios - it provides a fine model.

  2. Read your outline, have you been reading my mind? I often find that the opinions I have are not unique so your thinking must be quite widespread. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Richard and Steven - thank you, both.

  4. Another excellent blog for my blogroll. Well done TT.

  5. Also up on the blogroll here.