Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Ironic

Poverty Overcome!

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  1. The truth that Indian government legislation has existed for decades which outlaws this type of discrimination just does not seem to matter, especially when it comes to entrenched views, religious fervour and official indifference.

    I posted on the Dalits some four years ago, and the truth is that extra-ordinary people will drag themselves up from the dust and the rubble anywhere, it is just that in India, they have also to overcome the religious and social intolerance of the clowns higher up the food chain!

    As I remarked at the time 'the ruling Hindu parties, whether in or out of power, all subscribe to the casual barring of some 220 million Indians from just about all state higher education, all technical education, most jobs which are not akin to the allegedly “unclean” tasks such as sewage workers or latrine cleaners.'

    Until such time as the religious overtones are swept away, the Dalits will remain, much as they have been for over a thousand years!