Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kids - complicated or simple consequence?

This from 2006, not today but as ever the reality is ignored. Family life and dare I say marriage, has been traduced to a less than common estate. Acres of print, political pamphlets and the myriad of manifesto lies, have all combined to bring us to an unhealthy state. Meddling by Government, politicos massaging the big corporate chains and advertising executives are the problem. Not you or I.

Meanwhile the grip in high places of inadequate males and their predilections, there are too many like this to ignore, is slowly taking us to paedo marches for equal rights every bit as a much a bandwagon as "Gay" rights.

My generation kicked off the "sexual revolution" but those of us able to spot the selfishness and exploitative nature of this hedonistic short termism in morality have, I venture to suggest, done better than those who pursued eternal youth and who now are very ridiculous, burnt out plonkers. These same individuals however went into power. I rest my case.

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