Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rioting, Part two.

As The Dust Settles For Now.

I don't wish to be the sole poster here. This contribution is inspired by Richard's link to this, knobhead.  Now mincer White and his socialist luvvie mates and BBC chatterati are not people I would normally give time of day to. This piece fails to build on its partial excellence because of the rabid and slavish need to score party political points. 
The only salvation we can possibly countenance is an end to adversarial politics until a future nation state becomes proven as not working with such a consensus.
Some hope. The failings of successive Governments have been continued or exacerbated. The wishes of the majority trampled under that dreadful phrase "representative democracy". How can an MP use such a term to excuse failing to bow to the majority wish. One when votes are cast in the belief that a manifesto promise is what they can expect. Neither side of this unholy Cobbleition has stuck to its beliefs. As for Pseudo Cameron, his emperor's clothes were well and truly revealed by the youngster quoted by White, "He's a knob head"! Such is the power of some of this article he almost had me admiring Coke'Ed. Until, that is, I quickly remembered that little mongrel's obedience to his previous, proven madman, of a leader.
None of these morons get it. Their part in all this debt creation, broken society, illegal wars and all the other tired, "not me Guv" cliches, is just not on their radar.
Human beings are really made up of differing qualities, abilities and DNA. Some are down right nasty, others lost in a sea of poverty and deprivation, decades of socialism have failed to improve. The loss of manual, unskilled work and outlets for the less able, is a disgrace. Add to that the importation of hordes of immigrants, unable to contribute anything but a colossal burden of sheer volume, to a small group of Islands. The bleeding obvious is phenomenal in its disregardful neglect of mention by the politicians.
If all this were not enough of a failure, we continue blindly down this enforced route to Federalism. As if our own trials and tribulations, political arses and enormous debt were not enough, we blithely volunteer to increase exponentially the very causes of our difficulties. Too much immigration, little output or economic strength. Social ghettos of disillusionment, disenfranchised, disregarded, disaffected, peoples. All the time these individuals are bombarded with Sunday Times Style magazines, celebrity excess and luxury images only a minuscule can ever attain. Ironically those selling the perfect Utopia of self indulgent excess, which so demeans its client base, gets to live those dreams on the back of the window licking populations they exploit.
When I look at what's to be done, I am drawn to my personal, many years old, despair, that only violent overthrow of this madness can work.
The soul searching by the haves, hasn't a clue what it is like to be a have not. I did, as a child. The old Labour/Union people did much to improve the lot of this Nation until they, too, were seduced by the glamour and celebrity of money and power. 
So here we are. An Oldrightie peering to the left and seeing just a small gap before the face of the fascist ghosts of Europe are visible. Moving my head slowly right to seek the commonsense that used to epitomise that direction, I see a weak, enfeebled man. One desperately trying to be all things to all men in public, whilst plotting the very downfall of a once proud people. Heir to Blair, Grandson of Heath. It's enough to make you so angry you want to break something. 
Amid the criminality of last weeks riots were genuinely angry, frustrated people. The response? More draconian policing, further blatant destruction of freedom and a faster march to that jackboot Utopia seen as a Federal Europe. Obama is licking his lips at the very thought of a Pan European supporter of his enslaved Nation. Ironic how a descendant of slavery sees little problem  with that of a whole Continent and slavishly promotes not just the politics of fear but the very exercise of that nightmare. A plague on all their houses.


  1. A very good posting, OR.For the past twenty years or more,every disturbance has spewed a knee-jerk reaction,we must have more of this and less of that,the that,is our freedoms.This is the same as the EU's 'beneficial' emergencies and, as you say,are all linked.

  2. You're very kind, Whistle. Thank you for your kind words and even more, for your comments.

  3. Perhaps a line break between paragraphs for added readability? One huge block of text is quite the very best way to put readers off (as any typesetter will tell you).

    Made it to Para 2 then got bogged down in all the letters on the screen :-(

  4. Elby, concentration in the modern age is, as it is for me, a difficult skill. I appreciate the comment and will endeavour to do better!