Saturday, August 6, 2011

Annual Eton Sports Day.

Always held In Exotic Locations.

As sad as this match turned, out my sympathies lie as much with the unnecessary loss of a precious creature as with the more readily found human volunteer. I suppose the polar bear 1, Etonian 0 half time score would always end in a draw as the bear was gunned down leaving quite possibly a wife and cubs.
This "holiday" expedition was an expensive and somewhat elite journey, more because they could than they should. That it was in the guise of the very questionable climate change obsessives' agenda makes it even more ironic.
Richard blogged on this at his place of reason. and I suspect with a similar sense of mild irritation at the futility of it all. The holiday trade is awash with Eco-tourism to all manner of places we do not belong, with our prurient and selfish need for experiences. "Where's James, today?", asks a guest at some posh garden party, "Oh," replies the host, "He's on an Arctic expedition to determine the decline of the polar bear population in the Arctic, you know? He's passionate about protecting them". He'd have been better donating £10,000 to the protection league for endangered polar bears.

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