Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Biblical Waste.

Hardly Seven Fishes, Is It?

As our drug addled EU masters pontificate at the failure of yet another pathetic policy, dating back to 1983, famine engulfs Africa and EU fish eating populations go short. All in the name of preserving stocks. A policy warned against from day one is now depleting further an already ravaged marine supply. Now this Damascan moment has been realised, guess what? It will take years to reverse, millions of euros to have endless meetings, dubious debates and a self-interest modification to protect those who have made great profits at others' expense. "There will be hard bargaining by the European Parliament and EU member states' governments before the new policy is adopted." Note the BBC euphimism "revamped"!  
I also doubt that factory ships throw anything back. Mulch it all up into fish fingers and who's the wiser? 

Imagine how many tonnes this would have to dump!

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