Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Following on.

Mark's excellent piece on Saturday has prompted me to pick up on his theme of the declining Chatterati, (a word coined by Oldrightie) and the rise of more eclectic bloggers. The clip shows such a significant parallel to today but with the added impetus of today's communication capabilities even John Lennon would have embraced to powerful effect .As it was his music did the work now available, for now at least, to all of us.

Now I shall revert to my passionate feelings about The European Union. Here we have a mighty, shadowy and unwholesome construct dominating all our lives. That includes the whole planet, gambling with a collapsed monetary system and banking collapse heavily brought about by the EU construct.

This failed edifice to hubris and rank stupidity, never properly thought through and designed to garner all that is flawed about human nature and ignore all that is good, has reached it's inevitable finale. In great measure it's billions of euros propaganda machine and cosy media control has not succeeded in its Orwellian belief because of the Internet and blogging.

A perfect example is the paltry few hours the great salvation of last week's debt parcel passing concept lasted. Within less than one working day the parcel was placed firmly on an empty chair in Beijing. Its sister smaller but lethal packet was dropped by the Greeks and a referendum announced likely to be the EU's camel straw.

Now in Lennon's time all this frantic musical chairs would have been presented with a massive dose of media led spin and hype. The reality of the desperate scenario hidden from most of us. Only the steady decline in our life styles would have eventually been noticed but the causes less well observed.

The selfish greed of Corporate earth, the smugness of luxurious banker life styles, aped by politicians, would all have ducked under the radar. The "occupy" protests, love them or hate them, are children of the communication revolution. Just as the Arab spring, Greek economic torture, Libyan and Syrian despot cradles of vicious killing and evil, would all have been less than obvious without blogging. Where occasionally highlighted they would have been grease stained within hours or swapped for reality TV.

The suggested growing future where you either follow blogging or join in to make a difference is one that appeals to many. It is becoming a medium for "left" and "right" to discover jointly held morals and bring together the best of every philosophy and creed. Not a good recipe for those who would govern, is it. Their mantra is divide and conquer. One step forward as one ideology takes power, quickly followed by several steps backwards when usurped by their pals purporting to be of a different hue, yet much the same in their passion for power at any price.

As The EU wobbles and shakes, soon to tumble like the Twin Towers, we can be grateful that the aftermath will likely be an emerging world of greater hope and fairness. We can but try. We, so far, still have the tools. The pen may yet prove mightier than the sword. Or the keyboard more powerful than nuclear bombs!


  1. Oldrightie shoots; he scores. I agree about the coming assault on the independent blogosphere. The incumbent cultural junta will pretend to be going after porn or paedophiles, terrorists or neo-nazis, hackers, crackers and script kiddies. But it will be the dissenters who will be the real target. Blog while ye can.