Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bailouts Abound.

As The EU Follows Its Best And Most Practised Habits.

The EU bureaucrats continue their blind adherence to the picture above. Ably followed by The UK's pathetic panic merchants and their beloved printing presses. Not one Government has the nuance to realise that The EU project and The UK's passionate support of all they do, just is not working.

The breakup of this wreck and the return to competitive trade, including currencies, plus sensible interest rates, to allow banks to earn more from savers and at the same time reward those same prudent individuals, is the way forward. 

The EU is a gigantic drain on the resources of every member state, rich or poor. 100% of all its activity is replicated in every Country's ruling bodies. Unlike The EU monolith, smaller, localised regimes can act swiftly, in response to local problems. They are also more able to root out corruption where found.

This latter capability appears beyond the arrogance of Brussels. Of course, since it is an unelected regime, indeed dictatorship, it has no fear of democracy or elective consideration. This fact is very much at the heart of the debacle surrounding us. 

Even access to the sewers will only find bits of useless paper, already soiled beyond further use. The gold and precious metals were hoarded elsewhere long ago!

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